Ventillated Clothing


Ventilated and reusable pressurised protective suit for being used in Bio Safety Level 4 (deathly viruses) laboratories worldwide. Designed for multiple use in BSL4 laboratory.


Key Features

  • Safe connection and disconnection in the working area thanks to hepa filter incorporated
  • High protection factor: class 5 according to the EN 1073-1.
  • Welded boots and gloves removable
  • Made to measure suit but also available in standard size.
  • Excellent comfort thanks to the integral air distribution and magnetic exhaust valves.
  • Comply with MNR (Magnetic Nuclear Resonnance)

Recommended Industries/Use



  • EN1073-1 - Protective clothing against Radioactive Contamination-Ventilated suit
  • ISO 16603-ISO 16 604 - Resistance against penetration by blood or bloodborn pathogenes

Historical Brand

  • Delta Protection

Warranty Information

  • Storage information: 3 years shelf life when in the original packaging in a cool and dry place, not dusty, far from heat sources and far from direct light (+5°C / +35°C).
  • Carefully follow the instruction on the label and refer to the User's instruction guide.