Honeywell Guided Work Solutions

Transform the way workers move within a distribution center to create more efficient operations

Improve Productivity
Eliminate distractions and unnecessary steps.

Reduce Incidents
Hands free and eyes up for a safer, more satisfied workforce.

Enable Rapid Training
Significantly reduce new operator onboarding time.

Improve Cycle Time
Worker responses trigger the next workflow step.

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“With Honeywell, we’re moving faster and more efficiently and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

Josh Leech, Director of Warehouse Operations

Honeywell Guided Work Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

How can a voice solution help improve workforce productivity?

A voice guided work solution enables employees to work at peak performance with the elimination of distractions and unnecessary steps. Honeywell voice automated solutions guides mobile workers through each task; their responses trigger the next step in the process or workflow, allowing you to move you people where you need them most.

What if I have diverse workforce types to train?

Voice solutions can enable the rapid training of a more diverse workforce, including temporary employees, cross-trained associates, and non-native speakers. For example, Honeywell Pick-Up-and-Go speech-recognition capabilities allow new associates to start work immediately, significantly reducing new operator onboarding time.

How can a voice solution help reduce safety incidents?

The solution moves your workers safely and efficiently through voice-guided workflows, making their jobs easier and helping you run a smarter, better business. Honeywell voice technology can direct your associates (working both hands-free and eyes-free) through their mobile workflows to minimize steps and maximize efficiencies.

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