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The World’s Leading Returns Optimization Platform


Honeywell and Optoro have partnered to help retailers optimize their reverse logistics processes. It is a near impossible task to think that every retailer can have a team of dedicated associates who completely understand the returns process and can dynamically and accurately make the right decision on every return in real time. Usually, a return goes straight to the clearance pile event though it could be sold for full price. Today’s retailers are wrestling with:

  • A fragmented market with little transparency

  • Multiple, unnecessary touchpoints

  • Poor retailer recovery 

  • Items taking 4-6 months to go through the entire returns process

Optoro is designed to help retailers reduce financial, operational, and environmental waste from returns. Once a return arrives, an associate using a Honeywell Mobility EdgeTM device scans the product barcode and is guided through a predefined series of questions. Optoro’s software then uses proprietary algorithms to determine how to best disposition the returned item to get maximum value. As a result, merchandise can then get back into the forward supply chain more efficiently, coordinating efforts on the salesfloor and in the stock room. 

Key Features

  • Maximizes profitability on all returned inventory by optimizing and automating channel selection, optimizing Return to Vendor (RTV) outcomes, and connecting turnkey, brand-protected secondary channels.

  • Significantly reduces processing costs associated with returns by being able to lower warehouse and in-store processing costs, eliminate duplicate touches, and optimize inbound and outbound shipping.

  • Leverages data to enhance performance with better visibility to: 

    • Improve performance from unit-level and program-level tracking and quantified sustainability reporting. 

    • Gain better insights into return reasons from SKU-level profitability and vendor-level defect reporting.

  • Streamlines the store receiving process with guided workflows that allow store associates to spend less time managing returns and more time on front-of-store activities that create a better experience for shoppers. And better processing of returned goods means fewer items on markdown and less clogged-up clearance racks.

For more about what your business can accomplish with Honeywell and Optoro, contact us today.