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Exposure to even small amounts of certain chemicals can put workers’ health at risk and could lead to serious injuries. For businesses, the costs of failing to protect workers against hazardous chemicals are high with lost productivity and fines. That is why choosing the correct level of protective gloves against harmful chemicals is key to safeguarding workers’ hands.

Protect the skin you’re in

Damage to the hands is one of the most common occupational injuries, with skin infections and irritations among the most typical conditions. Learn how to mitigate such injuries and help keep workers protected. 

Five things to consider when selecting chemical protection gloves

It can be challenging to find gloves with the correct level of protection. To make the selection process easier, we’ve put a list of features to consider when choosing chemical protection gloves.


Key hand protection regulation and standards to know

Understanding the key safety standards and regulations in hand protection is an important step towards protecting your workers. We’ve put together a technical guide to provide you with expert advice on selecting gloves for chemical environments.


Make sure your gloves have you covered

Read our flyer to learn in detail about the importance of knowing and reviewing the first detection permeation times of your protective gloves.

Access the Honeywell Glove Selector

We’ve put 25 years of work into it and performed 15,000 chemical tests to make sure this unique tool covers most common substances used in industrial environments and helps workers stay protected on the job.

Recommended Products


Honeywell offers a wide range of chemical protective gloves, designed with innovative features to protect workers from chemical risks, as well as cuts and punctures. Check our products for various applications, featuring enhanced dexterity, improved comfort and reliable protection you and your workers can trust.


Superior chemical and cut protection

Neoprene GloveBox

Protection against chemical and radioactive contamination

Butyl 131

Protection against extremely aggressive and toxic chemicals 


Disposable chemical protective nitrile gloves 


Backed by decades of industry experience, Honeywell KCL gloves help to protect your workers' hands, when and where they need it most. Contact our sales representatives to discuss your requirements or request a sample by filling out the form.