When it comes to safety footwear, put your best foot forward

There are many hazards at our workplace which may lead to foot injuries like falling, crushing or penetrating materials, hot, corrosive or poisonous substances, electrical hazards, static electricity or slippery surfaces. Thus, wearing the right pair of safety shoes can protect you from injuries. Honeywell Protective Footwear brings you safety shoes that are lab-tested, helping to ensure protection for your feet along with an optimal fit to render them comfortable even when worn for longer periods of time.

In Europe, Honeywell Protective footwear offers the most trusted brands in this category: Oliver, Otter, MTS and King’s. With over 135 years of experience in manufacturing safety footwear and a total of 107 granted patents, Honeywell brands offer a wide portfolio of protective shoes. Our safety footwear benefits from advanced features like extra-safety and compliance margins on the toe cap, shock absorption, heat, oil and slip resistance and many more that ensure the safety of the workers’ feet in virtually any work condition and environment.

Our Brands


Superior Quality for Ultimate Protection

Oliver is one of the oldest and most respected brands in the world of safety footwear. Founded in 1887 under the Oliver & Stevens company, Oliver Footwear commenced producing tough and durable boots for miners and farmers, quickly establishing itself as one of Australia’s leading safety footwear manufacturers. 

Today, Oliver footwear stands for quality, comfort and protection. Oliver safety footwear is sold all around the world, leveraging its unique history of superior craftsmanship and experience in the most extreme working conditions to offer the ultimate combination of rugged and comfortable work shoes.


All-Round Performance – At Your Feet

Safety is a tradition for Otter – and tradition obliges. The company has been creating footwear for over 125 years and since the very beginning one thing has been a clear priority: quality. 

When it comes to safety, always settle for more. This is the motto of Otter, a world-renowned leader in safety innovation, respecting its German quality values and committing to taking them further. Otter combines the heritages of the German quality and expertise to produce premium-quality protective work shoes for workers in industries such as construction, chemicals and industrial maintenance, helping to ensure effective performance and high levels of safety.


More Than Safety

With more than 60 years of experience and French shoe-making know-how, MTS is one of the leading safety footwear brands in Europe that is 100% made in France. MTS offers a wide range of safety shoes and boots that meet the toughest demands and requirements of virtually every trade like construction, food production, metal, electronics, forestry and many others.


Long-Lasting Comfort, Unbeatable Value

King’s is a leading footwear brand from Singapore with a core mission to provide comfortable, durable and high-quality safety footwear for a wide array of working environments, particularly in ASEAN countries where boots are required to withstand daily field use in dry, wet, or muddy conditions.

At King's, we believe that safety footwear should offer three essential features: protection from foot injuries, a comfortable fit and long-lasting durability for cost efficiency. For over 55 years, King’s has manufactured high quality safety footwear at a great value to its users.


Safety and Comfort – From Heel to Toe

Mimicking the foot’s natural movement, Honeywell’s protective footwear enables smooth, effortless motion over any terrain. Providing excellent grip, comfort, durability and reliability, it offers indoor and outdoor stability and heel-to-toe protection. Whether you need work boots, overshoes, waders or accessories, Honeywell products are designed for compliance and comfort.

Recommended Safety Footwear

Made With the Ladies in Mind. The most important thing about safety shoes is the woman who wears them.

When it comes to safety, always settle for more. A world-renowned leader in safety innovation, Honeywell has joined hands with Otter.

Honeywell Agile is engineered with advanced technology and unique features that bring both comfort and protection.

All MTS safety shoes are produced in stringent compliance with regulations and benefit from constantly enhanced technology thanks to high pressure injection facilities unique in Europe.

Using superior components and craftsmanship, Oliver footwear products are designed to provide the high-quality safety and comfort to its users.

KING'S shoes have been fashioned to withstand the battles of daily tasks while remaining breathable and comfortable.


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