Single Use Protective Clothing

Spacel® C Medium

Liquidtight antistatic single use Protective Clothing designed to protect against chemicals, radioactive particles and biological agents.<br />Category 3 - Serious or fatal hazards.

Enhanced protection
• Stitched and taped seams for resistance equal to that of the material.
• Double flap and double zipper for optimum protection.
• Knee pads.
• Adhesive outer flap.
• Tear resistant crotch design.
• Very good resistance to tearing and liquid penetration.
• Excellent visibility: brightly colored.

Ergonomics & comfort
• Lightweight.
• Elasticated wrists and ankles.
• 3-piece elasticated hood: for a better fit.
• Dual slider zip.
• Silicone and latex free.
• Composition: Non-woven polypropylene laminated with polyethylene film - orange.
• Weight: 80g/m2