Pro-Wear™ Plus Product Notice


Dear Distributor Partner,


Honeywell Salisbury™ is committed to providing best in class Personal Protective Products (PPE) that offer superior protection to the end user. Rigorous testing, quality processes and specification compliance are part of our everyday culture. We take safety seriously and make every effort to ensure our products meet the stated performance criteria.

During European CE testing, we have identified a Pro-Wear™ Plus fabric that is not performing to stated specifications. The Westex, Style 301 Red fabric, was found to perform lower than their stated ATPV value. This issue was immediately escalated to Westex for root cause analysis and correction. We are working urgently on this issue to minimize impact to our valued customers.

As a precautionary measure, we are immediately recalling all Pro-Wear™ Plus Hoods, Coats, Coveralls, Shrouds and/or Kits that contain the Westex, Style 301 Red fabric. This will impact 8, 12, 20 and 40 Cal Standard garments. Pro-Wear™ Plus 40 Cal Premium and above are not impacted or part of this recall. A list of the specific P/N’s impacted can be found below – please do not return any items that are not specifically listed below as a result of this notice.

Click Here to download the Pro-Wear™ Plus recall list


Until this issue is resolved, we will continue to serve our customers by offering legacy Pro-Wear garments in 8, 12 ,20 and 40 Cal Standard.



For more information and to request an RGA, please contact your Salisbury Sales Representative or Customer Care at 1-877-406-4501.

Honeywell Salisbury™