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Miller Xenon® Permanent Horizontal Lifeline System

Miller Xenon® Permanent Horizontal Lifeline System

Xenon Permanent Overhead Horizontal Lifeline Systems are custom engineered systems designed to be used if the application requires the lifeline to be positioned overhead beyond the user’s reach.

Hands-free fall protection
Whether it’s along a rooftop: inside an arena or high atop a suspension bridge: this system provides “hands-free” fall protection for a variety of configurations: straight or curved: multiple bends: floors: ridgelines or frontal posts. A uniquely-designed shuttle connector automatically bypasses intermediate supports without disconnecting from the lifeline: increasing mobility and promoting worker safety.

Simple and Versatile
Because of its versatility: simplicity and minimal maintenance: a Xenon System is the perfect solution for engineers: architects and contractors to provide secure safety access on new buildings: industrial sites: railcars: pipe racks: arenas: bridges: etc.

Features & Benefits:
  • Easy installation — either in-house maintenance personnel under the supervision of an installation technician: or by a certified Xenon installer
  • Stainless steel components withstand harsh environments
  • Söll System Design Software calculates specifications for any application: easy to navigate and available in multiple languages
  • Worker attaches using a shock-absorbing lanyard and full-body harness
Xenon Overhead Shuttle: 25223/
Double-locking mechanism simple enough to operate with one hand. Stainless steel construction with no moveable parts: ideal for harsh: highly-corrosive environments.

4-in-1 Shock Absorber
Serves as shock absorber: turnbuckle: tension indicator and fall indicator: provides easy and safe access/exit.

Intermediate Brackets
May be replaced without disassembling or replacing the stainless steel cable.