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Hard Hats

Honeywell Bump Cap

Stay Safe. Stay in Style.

Providing your team with the best available head protection is crucial even when hard hats are not required. Honeywell has engineered a new generation of bump caps to keep your workers protected whenever there is a risk of impact between the head and stationary or sharp objects. Honeywell Bump Caps are created to be lighter: cooler: more comfortable and provide an enhanced field of view. Enjoy an excellent protection experience and benefit from improved performance: high quality: perfect fit and innovative design: everything at a great value.

Features & Benefits:
Ultimate protection
·........ Polypropylene shell for enhanced protection against contact with stationary objects
·........ Reflective side and back panels plus the front piping allow the bump cap to reflect light: providing increased visibility and improved safety
·........ Optional chin strap - even more protection: preventing the bump cap from falling off
Maximum comfort
·........ Internal ultra-soft foam: made of Polyurethane: provides extra comfort for extended wear
·........ Lightweight – 180g (0.4lb) - eliminating neck fatigue and increasing productivity
·........ Nylon mesh panels on the sides for maximum ventilation: no matter if you work indoors or outside
·........ Velcro® back closure adjustment for multiple head sizes (54 cm to 59 cm/6¾ to 7½ head circumference)
Stylish design
·........ New classy and sleek design protects against contact with stationary objects without sacrificing style
·........ Short peak brim (2.16 in) for better field of view
·........ Hand washable cap - the shell cover is made of fabric (35% Cotton: 65% Polyester)
·........ Available in five vibrant colors: red: blue: gray: black and orange