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Introducing Safety Suite Device Configurator

Quick and precise management for your Honeywell gas detector fleet

Connected Safety with Safety Suite

In your day-to-day work, you must ensure that workers comply with government regulation and corporate-issued safety policies. As part of this compliance, workers must have equipment that has been inspected for safety and training that certifies them to complete certain tasks.

Maybe you’re already spending too much time performing administration tasks. Your current system, call it repetitive, bulky, or tedious, can keep you from getting out of your office, developing safety policies, or otherwise collaborating with operations to improve your working environment.

The Honeywell Safety Suite Device Configurator software enables quick and precise management and maintenance of your Honeywell portable gas detector fleet, both RAE and BW product lines.

An easy-to-use software solution from Honeywell to increase your productivity – free of charge.

Quick Specs:

  • Works in non-internet connected workplace, so the software can be accessed at any time and data privacy concerns are minimized
  • Reduced maintenance through streamlined Firmware Management
  • Save time with one click data download for all instrument data


Explore the resources below to learn how Honeywell Safety Suite can help you look after your workers' safety more effectively.

How-To Videos


Browse the video gallery to learn how to perform various actions within Safety Suite Device Configurator, including configuring docking stations, managing users, device inventory and firmware upgrades, performing calibration and bump test, downloading data, accessing device history, and more.

Introductory Webinar Replay


This webinar replay provides an overview of the Safety Suite Device Configurator software, highlighting its features and capabilities. The video includes a live demo that takes you through the workflow of the software and its functionality.

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