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Introducing Safety Suite Real Time

Software for enhanced worker protection

Connected Safety with Safety Suite

Safety Suite enables you to better protect the lives of your workers while maintaining compliance, enhancing productivity and boosting the bottom line.

Safety Suite is a cloud-based, open platform that lets you securely manage and review all of your safety information in one place, from almost anywhere, in real-time.

Safety Suite Real Time

Software to monitor worker safety
in real time

Safety Suite Device Manager

Software to Manage Your Honeywell Gas Detector Fleet

Safety Suite Worker Compliance

Software to manage workers’ readiness for safe work                                                                                         

True Stories

Connected Detection Brings New Safety Levels at Calumet Specialty’s Shreveport Refining Facility

Leading Ethanol Operation Improves Production, Safety and Achieves OSHA Excellence with Plant-Wide Gas Detection System

Wireless Gas-Detection Monitoring Goes Beyond Responder Safety and Data Collection

Safety Suite Real Time

This software application monitors workers’ exposure to gas, weather, and physiological conditions in real time. It also relays data from your fleet of wireless monitors to a centralized system for a comprehensive view of worker safety.

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