Honeywell’s long-proven basics, limits, toggles, and e-stops are ideal for the challenging environment of center-pivot irrigation systems

Taking Farming to New Heights

Center pivot irrigation is designed to maximize water efficiency. By delivering water directly to the root zone of crops, it reduces water waste through evaporation and runoff. This precision irrigation helps farmers use water more efficiently, a crucial factor in regions with limited water resources or facing water scarcity.

This method has revolutionized agriculture, helping producers to increase productivity while using water resources more efficiently and sustainably. The technology continues to evolve, with ongoing research and innovations aimed at further improving water management through Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) and precision agriculture practices.

Honeywell Delivers Durability and Accuracy

Throughout center-pivot systems, these Honeywell devices provide durability, extended operating life, and accuracy in the demanding environment of agricultural irrigation where they’re subjected to vibration from equipment, temperature extremes, chemicals, dust, and splashing or hose-directed water.



Corrosion Resistant


Delivering in Challenging Environments

Since their introduction within the agriculture market segment, center-pivot irrigation systems have relied on Honeywell’s MICRO SWITCH technology to provide accurate and consistent performance year-after-year in some of the most challenging environments. As these irrigation designs have evolved, so have the MICRO SWITCH products.


Using Innovation to Partner with Manufacturers

Learn How Honeywell Products Have Grown with the Irrigation Industry.

Over the years, Honeywell has collaborated with manufacturers to expand switch offerings to meet the exact needs of these complex and critical structures. To learn more on how MICRO SWITCH products are designed for – and excel – in this rugged application, view our irrigation-specific brochure

Honeywell MICRO SWITCH switches provide accurate and consistent performance year-after-year in irrigation applications

Honeywell’s legendary engineering excellence, patented technologies, and custom application assistance have been delivering deliver reliability, durability, flexibility, and value for nearly a century, and we’re ready to go for the next 100 years. Let’s talk further.

Two MICRO SWITCH BZ switches perform the start and stop functions within the tower/control boxes.

MICRO SWITCH HDLS heavy-duty limit switch provides safety and crash detection, along with position stop.

MICRO SWITCH toggle switches are designed to turn lights off and on.

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