Sensors and switches for electric vehicles bring the best combination of performance and reliability

A new suite of sensor offerings for enhanced safety in EV batteries and energy storage systems bring the best combination of performance and reliability. Honeywell’s current sensors provide high-accuracy readings with low-temperature drift to the Battery Management System for electrical management protection and state of charge monitoring. Honeywell’s battery safety sensors integrated into EV battery packs enable EV manufacturers comply with the battery fire safety requirements in international standards UN GTR No. 20 Electric Vehicle Safety, and the associated Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. The battery safety sensors detect early thermal runaway events and communicates to the vehicle system using CAN communication. The battery safety sensors have programmable warning thresholds to fit specific battery configuration.

Worker and site safety for battery production, handling, and storage systems​

Lithium-ion battery production utilizes solvents that can pose health and flammability risks. Honeywell fixed gas and flame detection keeps workers safe in high-risk areas such as electrode mixing, coating, drying, and cell finishing. Portable gas detectors enable quick warning to personnel of exposure to toxic or combustible gases and vapors or a lack of oxygen. Personnel working with finished cells, modules, and packs have potential exposure to high concentrations of electrical energy. Honeywell electrical safety equipment protects personnel with insulating PPE and arc flash​ clothing during battery production and end-use installation, including EV production sites.​

Solutions for EVs and Li-ion Battery Production & Storage

Honeywell SPS is pleased to support the transition to a sustainable future with products to enhance safety from battery production and usage to EV passenger safety.

Current & Battery Safety Sensors for Electric Vehicles

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