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The transportation industry is poised to address a number of challenges in 2022 and beyond and capitalizing on these will provide a competitive advantage for manufacturers of vehicles for this industry.

At Honeywell, we aren’t afraid to get down in the dirt when it comes to high-performing solutions for any environments. We provide high performance solutions that will excel in rugged and harsh transportation applications.

From construction to rail solutions, Honeywell transportation sensors, switches and controls meet the challenges of the most demanding environments, providing superior effectiveness and efficiency, ensuring safety and enhancing operator interface.

Our sensors are available in variety of formats to satisfy the precise requirements of the specific applications.

Industry Trends


Transportation in the U.S. generates nearly 28 % of greenhouse gas emissions. There is a strong move towards electric vehicles. “As of 2020, EVs accounted for just 6 % of global automotive sales, but that is projected to grow to 13 % by 2025 and 22 % by 2030.1” It’s not just cars that are embracing electric energy, e-scooters, e-ferries, and electric truck technology are either in use or production.

Autonomous, connected vehicles

Autonomous vehicles can revolutionize how people and goods are moved. They also can increase road safety as well as ease congestion. Driverless vehicles can deliver passengers and goods in an efficient manner. Automakers are working toward Level 4 autonomy where a vehicle can drive itself in certain conditions. And, in 2021, China deployed fully driverless taxis. Parcel delivery services are conducting driverless trials in the U.S.


In densely populated cities, individuals owning and running their own vehicles will be a thing of the past. Mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) providers will meet transportation needs. In one day, a person could borrow a car for a few hours, use an e-scooter in town, and then take public transportation home – all using one platform. The future will focus on mobility access rather than ownership.

In this modern era of automation, earth moving firms are turning to operator assist technology to allow their operators to work

efficiently. Operator assist technology allows the automation of frequent job site operations such as dig, load, dump and grade.

These automated operations are guided by software that is able to precisely control movements to dig where needed and grade at preset angles.

Agriculture vehicles inherently face a variety of design and safety challenges—including vehicular and biological hazards.

Honeywell agriculture solutions offer sensors, switches and control that ensure better productivity and safety outcomes every season.

According to Research & Markets, the all-terrain vehicle market, by value, is projected to grow to USD 4.4 billion by 2025 from USD 3.9 billion in 2020, at a CAGR of 2.4 % during the forecast period.

Honeywell sensors and switches play an integral role in the design and engineering of ATV and UTV model development.

Throughout the supply chain, forklifts have transformed from material-handling vehicles into information-technology platforms that must leverage computers, barcode scanners, printers, RFID, voice and software to optimize complex workflows, in addition to keeping the driver and work area safe and hazard-free.

Fortune Insight reports, “Global Forestry Equipment Market, valued at USD 9,559.4 Million in 2018, is projected to reach USD 13,109.9 Million by the end of 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 4.09 %.” Most of the global growth in this industry surrounds an increasing emphasis in forestry management activities.

For these vehicles to perform at optimal level, their components must be extremely rugged, excel in harsh condition, as well as be accurate and reliable. 

Sensor and switches in rail applications are designed to improve performance, maintenance and comfort. Rail systems need to ensure a safe passenger experience, so it’s important to modernize infrastructure with high-quality, rugged products designed to thrive in harsh environments with minimal maintenance.

Our sensors and switches provide repeatable and highly accurate sensing, lower failure rate and operational costs and increased engineering support.

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