Join Honeywell’s safety experts to gain a better understanding about how worker-focused PPE drives comfort and cleanliness.

Webinar duration

3 p.m. EDT

Webinar duration

Wednesday, September 28

Webinar Details

Join Honeywell’s PPE specialists as they take on the top hazards across food and beverage manufacturing.

Learn what proper PPE to use when dealing with bottling, canning, chilling, chopping, conveying, cutting, labeling, loading, milling, moving, packaging, unloading, wrapping, and more!

During this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • A brief overview of industry standards
  • How to protect workers’ eyes, hands, and hearing from the top hazards
  • Why cost, compliance, and comfort impact your workers productivity and your bottom line
  • What areas share common risks and where you need PPE the most

Meet the speakers

Marc Kirsch
Global Marcomm Leader | Honeywell PPE Safety

Marc Kirsch is the Global Marcomm Leader for PPE at Honeywell with a background in agile software & hardware product management in both BtoB and BtoC. Marc originally joined Honeywell on the Hearing Protection business with some career highlights including introducing multiple award-winning products to the US & Canadian markets. Marc's role recently expanded to include managing the Branding and Marketing Communication Globally across all lines of business.

Alec Buchness
National Product Sales Manager | Eye Protection

Alec Buchness, National Product Sales Manager (NPSM) for Eye Protection, has been with assessing, recommending, and implementing industrial eye protection programs for over 30 years. He has spent the past 22 years with Honeywell Safety Products in varying roles from International Sales Manager to NPSM for Special Vision Products, and most recently, assumed responsibility for all Eye Protection in the US and Canada. He is responsible for overseeing the sales, distribution, development and market penetration of all plano, goggle and Rx safety frame products offered by Honeywell. He holds a Masters degree from Johns Hopkins University in sales/marketing and resides in Florida.

Brooke Davis
Product Marketing Manager | Hand Protection

Brooke Davis has been on the Honeywell team for almost 3 years. She started as a technical support engineer and is now the product marketing manager for the hand protection PPE line for the U.S. and Canada. Brooke has a background in laboratory and industrial environments and lives in Charlotte, NC.


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