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See What Your Gas Detection Has Been Missing

The all new Honeywell Searchline Excel™ Plus and Searchline Excel™ Edge

Our Most Powerful Optics for Advanced Open Path Flammable Gas Detection

Upgrade Your Protection with Honeywell.

Flammable hydrocarbon gas leaks are a threat to workers, assets and the environment across multiple industries. If these leaks are not detected, they could result in litigation and fines or escalate into devastating fires and explosions.

Open path gas detectors create an invisible line that senses the presence of flammable hydrocarbon gas passing in between the Transmitter and Receiver pair. The Searchline Excel™ Plus monitors short and mid-range applications from 2 to 120 meters (6 to 393 ft) while the Searchline Excel™ Edge monitors long range perimeter monitoring applications from 60 to 330 meters (196 to 1083 ft)

A layered system that integrates a variety of gas and flame detection technologies ensures optimal protection against flammable gas risks and help achieve total site protection.  Searchline Excel Plus or Edge open path flammable gas detectors add a critical layer in your fixed gas detection system. 

Monitor Large Areas for Gas Leaks With Advanced Open Path Technology

Learn About the Next Generation of Flammable Open Path Gas Detection

Make your gas detection see 20/20

See how to create total site protection from flammable hydrocarbon gas leaks with the Searchline Excel™ Plus for short to mid-range or the Searchline Excel™ Edge for long range applications


Future Ready Open Path Gas Detection

Discover how new technological enhancements help increase safety and performance as well as best practices for flammable open path gas detection.


Perimeter Monitoring with the Searchline Excel™ Edge

Learn the importance of perimeter and fence line monitoring near communities or other industrial sites while improving environmental due diligence. Take your gas detection to the Edge.


Searchline Excel™ Plus

Find out more about Honeywell’s advanced next generation short to mid-range open path flammable gas leak detector used in safety applications. 2 to 120 meters (6 to 393 ft)

Searchline Excel™ Edge

Find out more about Honeywell’s advanced next generation long range open path flammable gas leak detector used for perimeter monitoring. 60 to 330 meters (196 to 1083 ft)


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