The Complete Solution for Eye Safety

Avatar Plus is a comprehensive family of protective eyewear designed to meet the safety needs of workers in Manufacturing, Construction, Utilities, Oil and Gas, amongst others.

Uvex Avatar Plus Spectacles

Explore the Avatar Plus Family

The Avatar Plus family of safety eyewear includes different types of protective glasses, enabling user protection in virtually any work environment.


Extra Clarity, Added Protection

The members of the Avatar Plus family of safety eyewear incorporate advanced features that protect workers while providing numerous benefits:


High-performance Hydroshield lenses
The incorporation of Hydroshield anti-fog patented technology helps ensure fog-free vision in diverse and challenging working conditions.

Wrap-around, nine-base lens style
This enables uncompromised peripheral vision for complete visibility, increased awareness and peace of mind on the job.

Flexible, textured nose
The safety spectacles’ soft material of the nose bridge helps enhance functionality and ensure that workers feel confident and comfortable.

Anti-fog coating
The anti-fog lens coating provides a longer lasting fog-free lens performance even after extended wear and repeated cleanings.

Microtextured temples
The temple design of the Over-the-Glasses adds in terms of comfort while helping to reduce pressure on the wearer’s face.

Flexible brow pad
The soft padding at the brow helps mitigate the severity of injuries in case of an impact, thus helping enhance wearer protection and comfort.

Soft elastomer body
Featuring a modern design and a lightweight construction, the Avatar Plus goggle’s body helps provide protection, performance and comfort on the job.

Adjustable slide headband
Made of neoprene and fabric, the goggle’s headband is soft and easily adjustable to enable customization and increase wearer comfort.

Low-profile design
We’ve engineered the Avatar Plus goggles for ease of use and high functionality to increase convenience, giving the eyewear a modern look and feel.

All-Day Function, All-Around Protection

Enhancing protection and comfort doesn't equal compromising on style. Watch the Avatar Plus video to see how the safety eyewear combines safety and comfort-enhancing features with a modern look.


Library of Assets


A family with style

With an upgraded look and feel and industry-leading features, the Avatar Plus family of safety glasses are all about enhancing worker well-being and productivity. Read our brochure to discover now all the benefits.

Introducing a complete solution for eye safety

When it comes to PPE, the better users feel wearing them, the greater the user efficiency. Read our blog post to learn why the Avatar™ Plus family of eyewear is a comfortable and highly functional choice of eye protection.

Protection on the Plus side

The Avatar Plus spectacles are a commitment to the future of eye safety – made today. They simplify safety protocols, reinforcing the idea that safety is not just a requirement – it's a statement. Read our datasheet to find out more.

Designed for worker safety and comfort

Featuring a modern design, advanced lens technology and a lightweight construction, the Avatar Plus goggles help provide protection, performance and comfort on the job. Read our datasheet for more information.

Built to be an extra layer of safety

With Avatar Plus Over-the-Glasses (OTG) safety eyewear, comfort, fit and style play a vital role in providing optimal protection and supporting compliance at the workplace. View the datasheet to discover all the features.

A Word From Our Expert


End-user needs matter most to us. Based on valuable customer feedback, we focused design to include only the best features and developed high-quality eyewear that meets end-user specific requirements at a value. 

We believe it’s always a plus when something adds clarity and safety to your work, and these were the main drivers behind creating the Avatar PLUS family of safety eyewear. 

With a contoured shape that helps keep away dust, the incorporation of Hydroshield anti-fog coatings, a sporty look and a comfortable feel, the Avatar Plus family of eyewear is all about enhancing worker well-being and productivity.

Jeff Smith, Senior Offering Management Lead, Personal Protective Equipment

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