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Protect your workers from hazards after a hurricane

Preparing for electrical hazards after a hurricane

See NIOSH advice for staying safe around electricity and water, along with suggestions for appropriate PPE.

Choosing the right respirator for hurricane cleanup

As floodwaters recede, they can leave behind airborne contaminants. See how to select the right respiratory protection.

Mold remediation overview

Hurricane cleanup workers may encounter toxic mold, which is a growing health hazard. Learn how to protect against exposure.

Selecting the right gear for head-to-toe safety

After a hurricane passes, the worksite may remain a disaster area. Ensure cleanup workers have the right PPE for multiple hazards.



Honeywell can help

No matter what cleanup hazards your workers face, Honeywell can help you prepare for hurricane season with the right personal protective equipment. As the world’s leading provider of PPE, we offer a comprehensive range of comfortable, high-performance products — along with specialized knowledge in worker safety — to help you create a safer, more productive environment. Contact us to evaluate your PPE needs for hurricane cleanup and quickly get the gear you need.