Meet the SMART Arc CAN Position Sensor


SMART Arc CAN Series at a Glance

The SMART Arc CAN Position Sensor is specifically designed for construction machines like excavators, large backhoes, front-end loaders and other similar equipment.

In-cylinder position sensors continue to be an industry pain point because of its poor reliability, high cost of installation and complex supply chain process. The in-cylinder position sensor converts linear motion into rotating motion through linkages, leading to stack-up error and a slower response time. Honeywell’s SMART Arc CAN Position Sensor is designed to solve this decade old industry problem.

Honeywell’s SMART Arc CAN Position Sensor is one of the most durable, adaptable, lightweight, and non-contact position sensors available for absolute position sensing in pinned joints. Honeywell’s solution comes in IP68 and IP69K sealing for harsh environments. The sensor is mounted directly on the pinned joint to provide precise position sensing of rotating parts around the pinned joint. This direct measurement approach reduces mechanical stack-up error and allows a faster response time. This solution enables greater position sensing and control in heavy-duty, off-highway vehicles.

SMART Arc CAN – Your First Choice

The Honeywell cost-effective solution for a wide range of potential applications

Transportation - heavy duty vehicles

  • Front end loader and digger/excavator boom position
  • Refuse truck lift and automatic reach arm position
  • Articulated vehicle steering position
  • Timber harvester/processor equipment

SMART Arc CAN Position Sensor: a durable, adaptable, lightweight and accurate position sensor for precise position sensing of rotating parts around a pinned joint. 

Reliable, Rugged and Durable

The non-contact design reduces wear and tear, improving reliability, durability and minimizing downtime. Honeywell utilizes a unique packaging method with no moving parts within the sensor, making it resistant to vibration and shock. The IP68, IP69K sealing allows use in many harsh  applications.


The patented combination of an ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) and an array of magnetoresistive sensors allow the accurate determination of the magnet position. Accuracy of ±0.3% Full Scale Output (FSO) maximum over the working temperature range of -40°C to 85°C.


The adaptable, non-contact design allows the elimination of unnecessary linkages, reducing installation steps and cost. The sensor is installed on the pinned joint, allowing direct position measurement and reducing stack-up error impact to overall system operation

Lightweight and Easy to Use

The SMART Arc CAN is lighter in weight than optical encoders. Electronics on board allow for compatibility with electronic systems used in the transportation industry, including industry standard CAN J1939 connectivity.

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