Sensing & Switching Solutions for aerospace, military, and defense

At Honeywell, our legacy encompasses over 100 years of innovation with a continual focus on leading trends and delivering technologies at the forefront of the world's most mission-critical challenges. Reliable components and accuracy should be at the heart of every project. Take a look as to how Honeywell sensors and switches can enhance product design.

Solutions for your needs

Sealed Switches

Sealed limit and basic switches that feature environmental and hermetic sealing, small size, low weight, & MIL-PRF qualifications.

Motion & Position Sensors

Rotary potentiometers, magnetic position sensors, resolvers, proximity sensors, & aerospace position measurement.

Board Mount Pressure Sensors

Full line of industrial-grade sensors: media-isolating design, multiple ports, electrical configurations, and outputs; ranges from 0 psi to 250 psi.

Speed Sensors

Provide non-contact detection of rotating ferrous (affects a magnetic field) target such as a gear, shaft or similar mechanism.

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