Gas Cloud Imaging

GCI - Standard

Advanced Hyperspectral Infrared Imaging System

The Honeywell Rebellion Gas Cloud Imaging (GCI) cameras use advanced proprietary hyperspectral imaging technology to capture both infrared spectrum, and visible video to monitor, quantify, and display explosive, and toxic harmful gas leaks as they occur. Our self-calibrating hardware operates 24/7 in all weather conditions delivering precise imaging of gas clouds, gas speciation and concentration. For safety systems, where the standard mix of gas leak protection layer devices (open path, point and ultrasonic) quickly, and reliably alarm to a gas leak, the immediate questions are then “is it real?”, “where is it?” and “how big is it?”. The Honeywell Rebellion GCI quickly, and clearly answers these with a visualization of the gas cloud.
The Honeywell Rebellion Gas Cloud Imaging (GCI) camera, with a range up to. 1,700 m [5,577 ft] , is designed for large sites, and extended areas, and uses advanced snapshot hyperspectral imaging for real-time detection, identification, and quantification of gas leaks. Concentration, and leak size, and location are provided, and real-time alerts create actionable alarms, and display live videos of the leak while simultaneously issuing notifications via email or text. The clear visualization of the leak location, size, and wind drift verify the threat, and aid the fast, and effective first response.
By identifying smaller leaks early, Honeywell Rebellion GCI drives targeted maintenance to further address potential growing safety issues, and to deliver robust emissions control.
Features and Benefits
  • Automatically monitors, identifies, and quantifies gases, 24/7 in real-time
  • Patented hyperspectral imaging technology
  • Fast, accurate and clear verification of gas safety system alarms with location, and size of the event enabling rapid, efficient mitigation
  • Early leak identification drives health-based maintenance to reduce potential safety threats and to drive emissions management thereby reducing product loss, and enabling operators to establish and achieve world-class green credentials the financial benefits thereof.
  • Enables data and visualization sharing for rapid response, reporting, and post event analysis
  • System can be customized for specific sites, applications and need
  • Comprehensive system with the provision of product hardware and including mapping, installation, commissioning, training, and lifetime maintenance services