End-to-end Automated System Design Based on Simulation and Data Analytics for Production and Distribution Operations

The Operations and Solutions Development (OSD) team is comprised of experienced engineers in the distribution, fulfillment and manufacturing sectors dedicated to making lasting improvements to warehouse automation system efficiencies. The OSD team provides data-driven, forward-thinking automation solutions designed to help leading companies maximize their operational readiness and ensure future-proof scalability. 

When you begin a collaborative engagement with the OSD team, we start by analyzing and evaluating your existing fulfillment or manufacturing system performance. Then our engineers and industry experts will recommend, design and implement automation system improvements to achieve your desired outcomes. From design concepting and simulation capabilities to data analytics and expert consulting, OSD delivers full-service solutions that drive process improvements and optimize your fulfillment capabilities throughout the system lifecycle.

Advanced Automation for Greenfield or Brownfield Sites

Whether you need to develop an automation strategy for a new greenfield facility or seek to transform operations in a brownfield site, OSD engagements are engineered to reduce DC footprints and the reliance on manual labor — all while improving your ability to manage increasing order volumes and SKU counts. 

We utilize a broad spectrum of advanced automation capabilities for our customers, including: 

Our data-driven, consultative approach addresses the most pressing challenges in today’s competitive retail landscape, such as keeping pace with e-commerce fulfillment requirements and accelerating the transition from manual to automated processes. Our team of experts evaluates every facet of a successful operational strategy and relies on their deep industry experience to recommend proven best practices.

Best-fit Solutions for Fulfillment and Production Operations

OSD has both the deep industry experience and advanced automation toolset to address the most difficult fulfillment and production scenarios in both single- and multi-site distribution networks — whether that’s in the manufacturing, wholesale, retail or e-commerce sectors. Because each company has unique operational requirements, we collaborate with you to understand your business objectives and then design and build the best-fit solutions to achieve them. 

Despite the wide variety of projects we encounter, our end goal is the same: to equip you with the tools you need to meet the unique demands of your business and market. To achieve that goal, the Honeywell Intelligrated OSD team offers:

  • Operational assessments and solution effectiveness evaluations
  • Technology assessments and controls architecture evaluations
  • Software architecture and functionality evaluations
  • Operational and data analyses, including material, process and data flows
  • Investment models and business case development
  • 3D simulations and conceptual models of system design
  • Labor effectiveness and productivity models
  • Implementation, integration and execution plans
  • Post-implementation and startup support services

Partnering with the Operations and Solutions Development team can deliver the following benefits to your next system design project: 

  • Mitigate risks by relying on thorough data analyses and operational assessments that drive the design process
  • Lower overall project costs from single-source consulting, design, engineering and implementation 
  • Ensure project implementation with a team working to reduce waste, eliminate unnecessary steps, and perform value-add functions
  • Expedite startup time, which allows you to realize benefits faster and achieve ROI sooner
  • Momentum eSim combines simulation and emulation enabling DCs to run “what-if” scenarios and predictive analyses to reduce risk and improve productivity.
  • Distribution and fulfillment professionals provide risk assessments, recommend process improvements, and develop automation strategies for your DC.
  • Sophisticated simulations and valuable consultative services minimize risk with exceptional degrees of predictability.
  • Solutions consultants utilize data-driven simulations to create an optimal system design based on your current and long-term business objectives.

Solutions Development & Consulting