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The World’s First Voice-Controlled Mobile App for the Hourly Workforce


Theatro and Honeywell have partnered to create joint solutions that empower retail store associates. Theatro’s voice-controlled mobile applications, employee location capability, and analytical insight apps are designed to enable a more engaged, informed, and efficient in-store workforce. By integrating with Honeywell, in-store associates equipped with Honeywell devices will be able to leverage Theatro’s unique intelligent, in-ear virtual assistant and voice applications to collaborate with colleagues and access enterprise information systems at the speed of voice. Theatro enables hourly workers to respond to customer inquiries more effectively and efficiently, without breaking eye contact with a customer. 

Key Features

Drive Productivity

  • Reduced 83% of ear chatter when compared to two-way radios or overhead paging systems. 

Improve Service

  • Improved customer service throughout the store boosts customer satisfaction, loyalty and purchasing.  

Elevate Associates 

  • Theatro intelligently connects employees to each other and to critical information, delivering customer experiences that drive performance. 

Increase Sales

  • Store associates are able to serve customers better and faster; resulting in increased sales including basket size and more frequent store visits.  


For more about what your business can accomplish with Theatro, contact us today.