Honeywell Workforce Intelligence

Unite people, process, and technology to deliver better visibility into site operations, allowing operations and maintenance teams to make informed decisions in real-time.

Task Management
Transform paper-based tasks into digital, integrated workflows, create detailed task templates with necessary resources, and use APIs for spontaneous task generation and assignment.

Incident Response
Facilitate immediate incident reporting through existing devices, trigger responsive task workflows from existing system for incident management.

Workforce Insights
Monitor performance across sites, systems, teams, and individuals from desktop and mobile.

Enterprise Integration
Combine system data across sites, systems, and teams, and analyze diverse data sets for actionable insights.

Product Highlights

Digitize and Document

Transform paper-based procedures into digital, integrated workflows. Create templates with necessary resources and collaborate with team members to execute work.

Integrate and Automate

Streamline data flow across your systems, transform work into automated processes, and spend less time on admin work.

Chart and Analyze

Combine system data, integrate diverse data sources, and analyze trends and operational insights.

Manage and Secure

Align operational teams and enhance collaboration, while safeguarding your sensitive data and information.

Key Resources

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