2020 Automation Investment Study

Keeping pace with e-commerce expectations in the face of escalating labor costs, scarcities and challenges is placing constant pressure on distribution center (DC) and fulfillment center operators. Today’s e-commerce driven supply chains have little margin (or time) for error. Automation technology has helped further increase productivity, worker satisfaction and more. COVID-19 ushered in changes to business that were already on their way – the severity of the pandemic simply made these changes happen more quickly. Honeywell wanted to understand how companies are adopting and implementing automation technology solutions in their businesses.

The 2020 Honeywell Intelligrated Automation Investment Study was conducted April 21 to May 7, 2020 in collaboration with KRC Research, and independent third-party research firm not affiliated with Honeywell or its business groups. The 434 U.S.-based professionals polled work full-time in senior roles working for companies that directly manage warehouses, DCs or fulfillment centers; have insight into the operations of those facilities, are familiar with automation and make or influence purchase decisions for their company.