Evaluate DC/Warehouse Software Solutions in the Honeywell Marketplace: SmartTurn, Vo-ce, Movilizer for SAP Warehouse Management

Evaluate DC/Warehouse Software Solutions in the Honeywell Marketplace: SmartTurn, Vo-ce, Movilizer for SAP Warehouse Management

Hundreds of software solutions, technologies, and services from Honeywell and third-party software vendors. Find solutions by industry, solution type, technology, and OS. See the Honeywell Marketplace for all DC/Warehouse solutions.  

The pressure – the urgency – to speed order fulfillment and optimize your DC operations has never been greater. With Honeywell, you’ll have the technology and apps to easily connect your people, your assets, and your processes. It’s exactly what you need to drive greater productivity, agility, and efficiency throughout your supply chain and DC.

Honeywell Marketplace is a worldwide showcase for the latest apps and software solutions to help you increase productivity and drive overall profitability in the DC/warehouse. The online platform enables both Honeywell and our Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner ecosystem to meet and collaborate to deliver solutions to the industries we serve. This online marketplace provides the ability for you to find, learn about, purchase, and deploy solutions that meet your strategic needs. In this issue we feature solutions from SmartTurn – Warehouse and Inventory Management System, Vo—ce, and Movilizer for SAP Warehouse Management (WM).

SmartTurn – Warehouse and Inventory Management System

The leading cloud-based inventory and WMS, SmartTurn creates a centralized system that integrates inventory and warehouse management processes, which provides businesses with real-time visibility to inventory levels and higher control over the movement of inventory within one location as well as across different warehouses. SmartTurn provides the level of flexibility and scalability that will help businesses adapt to dynamic market forces and manage long-term planning. SmartTurn also addresses secure info sharing, collaboration, and Web 2.0 functionality driven by the internet and supply chain best practices.

Features and benefits include:

  • Inbound Order Management. Control your spending through inbound order (purchasing) management.
  • Receiving Operations. Receive a shipment against an inbound order with one click. Enter blind receipts or automate receiving using mobile scanning devices.
  • Reporting. Generate inventory, shipping, put-away, picking, and other functional reports and easily share them with other interested internal or external parties. View stock-out reports when creating an order.
  • Item Master Setup. Create master records and rules for all products in your warehouse to streamline purchasing, receiving, and shipping and to reduce data entry.
  • Inventory Management. Easily adjust, edit transfer, and direct put-away of inventory items with dynamic location to maintain inventory accuracy and help ensure your ability to ship to meet customer expectations.
  • Kits and Assemblies. Create and assemble kits with ease using kit specifications per item, customer, owner, or warehouse (e.g., kit-to-order/stock, partial kit-orders, serial number tracking in a kit, unlimited bills of material).
  • Transaction History. Track each inventory item from receipt to shipment with key attributes (e.g., serial numbers, lot numbers, expiration dates, locations, receipt dates, shipping dates, and custom fields). Track the status of document changes or inventory edits.
  • Picking. Pre-allocation allocates inventory before the product is picked. Pick/Pack module with BOL's pick tickets with separate pick and pack orders.
  • Mobile Computing. Provides key warehouse functions (e.g., receiving, picking, cycle-counting, and shipping).
  • Shipping and Fulfillment. Manage fulfillment process with robust pick policies (e.g., FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, LEFO, and custom pick policies) to meet your requirements. Dispatch orders, find alternate locations to pick from to help meet 100% fill rates, save shipments for later processing, and void lines/entire shipments returning inventory back to stock.
  • System Configuration. Easily configure the flow of information by customizing hundreds of custom fields including field names, field placements, default data, page layouts, and informational business rules.
  • Data Import/Export. Export inventory reports, shipment lists, and other functions to create reports in Excel, or PDF to share/email with others. Import key data (e.g., item masters, customer and vendor masters) to cut data entry and streamline implementations and mass changes.
  • Real-Time Inventory Visibility. View real-time inventory levels, create different reports, and export data to a spreadsheet for analysis.
  • And much more.


vo—ce is a software for Android and Windows handheld, wearable, and vehicle-mounted computers. With vo—ce, a WMS working with Wi-Fi devices can be easily and quickly equipped with automatic speech recognition (ASR) and text to speech (TTS) engines. vo—ce is a multi-language software: Italian, French, English, Dutch, German, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Spanish, Russian, and Swedish are already available, and further languages can be customized thanks to the embedded Nuance speech engines. vo—ce boasts thousands of data collection devices installed in food retail, fashion, and other logistic sectors. In fact, main WMS providers and data collection system manufacturers have chosen vo—ce for their projects. vo—ce customers are software houses that design and install WMS or SCM systems and appreciate the advantages of voice technology. ​

Features and benefits include:

  • Productivity Improvement. Operators work faster, so productivity can be increased by up to 15-20% depending on the project.
  • No More Sheets of Paper, Labels, and Errors During Order Preparation. Administrative costs are drastically reduced and the number of picking errors is close to 0.
  • Drastic Reduction of the Operators’ Training Period. It takes less time to train an operator and even less-skilled workers can achieve excellent results.
  • Good Value for Price. The ROI is about 10-12 months in the case of one daily shift.
  • Hardware Independent. vo—ce works with devices of different brands, models, and types, provided they have an audio card, so it's possible to choose a device for a specific project or to change one or all devices at any moment.
  • Multimodality. Ring scanners, smart glasses, industrial weighing systems, and other devices can be integrated with the solution.
  • Direct Integration with WMS. Thanks to the server-side logic, the system can be modified at any moment directly by the ISV, meaning more freedom for vo—ce integrators.
  • Speaker Independent. The software adapts to the operator, so no time is wasted for a training each time the voice changes (at end of the day, in case of a new operator, etc.).

Movilizer for SAP Warehouse Management (WM)

Mobility in the supply chain can dramatically improve productivity, provide better resource utilization, and increase efficiency. Movilizer is a leading Global Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP), a Honeywell company that empowers businesses to realize their digital transformation and deploy agile strategies. The simple, intuitive solution for rapid barcode scanning and data entry with a market-leading interface allows quick uptake in the warehouse for fast results. Movilizer delivers all the functionality needed for a fully integrated, end-to-end SAP warehouse logistics solution, including 3PLs, in a way that’s easy for the operator to use. ​

Features and benefits include:

  • Real-Time Insights. Real-time data helps ensure that users in the warehouse see exactly the same information in the system that everyone else in the company sees.
  • Connect Anytime, Anywhere. Rather than walking to a computer terminal to enter information, users can enter it instantly wherever they are, resulting in more productivity and less wasted time.
  • Avoid Data Gaps. Movilizer solutions help your warehouse run efficiently and seamlessly connect with your ERP software to help your front and back offices view and access necessary, up-to-date information with no missing or delayed data.
  • Effortless Data Entry. Auto-ID and barcode scanning functionality enables fast and accurate inputting of data. As there is little or even no manual data entry, errors are reduced and traceability becomes an automatic process.
  • Easy Integration. Movilizer works on the cloud so it can be easily integrated with 3PLs without the need for access to your internal network. This can’t be done with other systems like ITS.
  • Fueling Business Growth. With the right data solutions and warehouse management options, your entire workforce can work faster and smarter, rather than harder, to help increase profits.
  • Out-of-the-Box Applications. All main business processes covered in the following SAP modules of Warehouse Management (WM): Goods Receipt, Put-Away, Internal Movements, Stock Status Changes, Physical Inventory, Picking, Packing, Loading, Goods Issue, Production Processes, Quality Processes, Yard Movements, Replenishment, and Labor Management.
  • Multiple Out-of-the-Box Apps. Out-of-the-box applications include: Goods Receiving and Put-Away, Stock Management and Storage Bin Movement, Replenishment, Picking, Packing and Loading, and Inventory Counting. Also supports: Production Processes, Issuing, Confirmations Receipt, and Quality Management: Inspection Lot Creation and Recording.
  • Media Support. Use images of products for picking processes or packaging materials for packing processes. Training videos can be used to help aid up-skilling your workforce very quickly.
  • Sign-On Glass Support. Capture sign-on glass for proof of delivery or additional traceability and authorization within your warehouse for processes such as stock write-off or goods receipt.
  • Image Capture Support. Can be used through all processes of the warehouse, whether it is capturing an image of a damaged pallet at goods in or a discrepancy with physical inventory.
  • Device-Agnostic. Movilizer is device-agnostic and can be used on forklift truck mounts, ruggedized handhelds, desktop computers, tablets, and many other devices.
  • Barcode Scanning. 1D – GS1, SSCC etc. 2D – Datamatrix etc.
  • GPS Support. GPS coordinates are captured and uploaded directly into your SAP system, so that you can see exactly where the proof of delivery occurred.
  • Multi-Language. Languages are based on the SAP system and use standard language packs so apps can be translated into most languages.
  • Offline Capability. No need for a continuous cellular or wi-fi signal as the app is self-contained within the mobile device. This means even in warehouse wi-fi black spots and on the road, there is no data loss or need to be constantly online.
Barry J. Ewell

Barry J. Ewell is a Senior Content Marketing Communications Specialist for Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions. He has been researching and writing on supply chain topics since 1991.