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Evaluate Retail Software Solutions in the Honeywell Marketplace: eMobilePOS, Theatro, Optoro

Evaluate Retail Software Solutions in the Honeywell Marketplace: eMobilePOS, Theatro, Optoro

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You’ve got a vision. To set your stores apart in a tough environment. To put on an unforgettable performance for customers. To remake your operations into a symphony. Let’s make it happen together. It’s about more than new devices or greater data visibility. It’s about creating entirely new connections – between shoppers, smartphones, store shelves, software, budgets, staffing, and so much more. Honeywell Retail Solutions bring together proven expertise, hardware, software, and support services, all backed by a powerful data engine. It’s a level of interconnection and reach that only Honeywell can provide. And it’s how we’ll help you elevate what makes your store unique, compelling, and profitable, in every key task and customer interaction. Take a moment to discover how Honeywell can help you achieve retail transformation.

Honeywell Marketplace is a worldwide showcase for the latest apps and software solutions to help you increase productivity and drive overall profitability in retail. The online platform enables both Honeywell and our Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner ecosystem to meet and collaborate to deliver solutions to the industries we serve. This online marketplace provides the ability for you to find, learn about, purchase, and deploy solutions that meet your strategic needs. In this issue we feature solutions from eMobilePOS, Theatro, and Optoro.


Theatro, based in Dallas, Texas, brings the advantages of IoT, wearables, and new workforce-optimized mobile voice apps together in a SaaS offering to provide companies in retail, hospitality, and manufacturing with a new breed of mobile solutions for hourly employees. The Theatro intelligent assistant and mobile apps connect hourly employees to each other and to critical enterprise applications; with Theatro, employees stay focused on the customer, without having to look at a screen to access information. Theatro’s solution enables employees to play their role in providing an incredible customer experience while increasing sales, employee productivity, conversion rates, and operational profitability. For more information, visit

Features and benefits include:

  • Help Increase Sales. With Theatro, store associates are able to serve customers better and faster, helping increase sales, including basket size and more frequent store visits.
  • Drive Productivity. Reduced 83% of ear chatter compared to two-way radios or overhead paging systems. One Theatro customer's employees saved 12% of time through improved communication and business efficiencies.
  • Elevate Associates. 91% of associates agree that Theatro helps them serve customers better. Theatro intelligently connects employees to each other and to critical information, delivering incredible customer experiences that drive performance. Empowered and engaged associates have higher levels of satisfaction and employee retention.
  • Improve Service. Improved customer service throughout the store boosts customer satisfaction, loyalty, and purchasing. One Theatro customer shared that their associate response times improved by 77%.
  • Workforce Communication Platform. A workforce that isn't connected can't serve your customers – or your bottom line. Theatro's revolutionary SaaS platform, AI-powered virtual assistant, and our voice-controlled Communicators give your team the information they need... at the speed of thought.
  • Workforce-Optimized Apps. Our suite of workforce apps is designed to allow hourly employees to access the information they need instantly, with a simple voice command. Whether they’re a veteran or they’re on the floor for the first time, they’ll have the answer to any question, anytime – with no screens to distract and hamper productivity.
  • Intelligent Assistant. At the center of our Conversational Platform is Theatro’s AI-powered Intelligent Assistant. Through a simple conversational interface, the Intelligent Assistant connects your employees to the right people in your organization and accesses critical enterprise data from your corporate systems. Enable every employee to answer any question, even on their first day.
  • Conversational Platform. Theatro’s conversational computing platform brings it all together. It’s an extensible and API-rich platform that allows our workforce-optimized apps to seamlessly interact with systems for order management, human capital management, task management, and more. Our platform also supports an ecosystem of complementary partner apps that add layers of features, sophistication, and intelligence to your Theatro deployment.
  • The Communicator. It all starts with our Communicator, a voice-controlled computer that intelligently connects your entire hourly workforce through a simple conversational interface. We include our Communicator as part of our solution, at NO COST to you. We monitor system health and device performance, too – and deliver upgrades to you automatically. Sure beats buying a bunch of smartphones.
  • Manager’s App. Our Manager’s App is a smartphone app that provides managers on the go with access to Theatro’s in-store capabilities, improving span of control. You can talk privately with individual employees, communicate with an entire store or region, and monitor performance… all from Theatro’s Manager’s App.
  • Content Distribution Manager. Theatro’s Content Distribution Manager is the world’s first content management platform built for voice. Automate the delivery of mission-critical messages to every hourly worker, including training and compliance messages. A/B test your messages to drive improvements in facility performance. If you need to communicate effectively with your workforce, there’s no other choice.


Optoro offers a superior end-to-end returns optimization platform that helps retailers and brands manage, process, and disposition inventory, from first touch. From the initial intake of goods in stores and distribution centers, to data-driven dispositioning and end-of-life management, Optoro’s holistic platform helps lower processing costs, increase the recoverable value of returned inventory, enable better visibility and control, and improve both customer and retail associate experiences.

Features and benefits include:

  • Improve Customer Experience. Turn the returns moment into a positive experience that helps increase satisfaction and brand loyalty.
  • Help Increase Profitability. Predictive machine learning actively routes inventory to the highest-value channel every time.
  • Help Reduce Operating Costs. Returns optimization platform that assists in minimizing touches and helps streamline operations across the supply chain.
  • Better Control and Visibility. Portfolio tools provide teams with real-time visibility and control to optimize decisions.
  • SmartDisposition®. Core to Optoro’s platform is its SmartDisposition engine, which leverages both client-provided and proprietary data resources in data science algorithms that route returned and excess inventory to its next best home. Our technology predicts the best destination for a unit to maximize its net value, and instantaneously communicates the routing decision with the warehouse and in-store teams to physically route goods at the moment of handling. The routing engine is customizable in real time, considering eligible channels and settings that customize the engine to clients’ operational constraints and business goals.
  • Store Returns Module. Typically, the majority of returns happen in the physical store. With web exclusives, out-of-seasons, opened items, and the other complexities of returns, how can stores process and optimize this inventory? Optoro’s Store Returns module combines data science and user experience design to help streamline and optimize returns processing in physical store environments. The Store Returns module evaluates each and every item to determine the best outcome based on its unique attributes. With Store Returns, retailers and brands can: (1) Improve the customer experience inside stores, (2) Redirect store labor from tasking to selling, (3) Reduce downstream supply chain costs and improve speed to stock, and (4) Gain visibility into each and every returned item.
  • Reverse Supply Chain Module. Returned inventory is complex and dramatically different from forward inventory, yet many retailers and brands use traditional supply chain technology for reverse logistics needs. As a result, inventory processing within distribution centers is highly manual, rigid, error-prone, and difficult to manage. Optoro’s Reverse Supply Chain module helps increase supply chain efficiency through a purpose-built, end-to-end platform designed specifically to manage all warehouse operations for returns. With the Reverse Supply Chain module, retailers and brands can: (1) Automate returns routing and decision-making, (2) Easily implement preferences, rules, and controls in real-time, (3) Help improve processing times, speed to stock, and warehouse labor efficiency, and (4) Gain visibility into all inventory under management within the supply chain.
  • SmartRTS®. Many consumers return inventory in new sellable condition. Yet, returns processes are disconnected from forward operations, making it difficult to quickly return inventory to forward stock. This leads to avoidable stock-outs, a poor customer experience, and unrealized value once returns are sold through a different channel. Optoro’s SmartRTS module enables retailers and brands to resell returns through primary ecommerce channels. Inventory can be seamlessly listed online, resold, and fulfilled directly to the next consumer. SmartRTS can help retailers and brands: (1) Increase speed to primary stock, (2) Improve the value of inventory, and (3) Reduce costs associated with re-listing inventory for sale.
  • SmartRTV®. Today, retailers who have return-to-vendor (RTV) rights use them in a one-size-fits-all approach. Often inventory is sent back to vendors, even when the returns allowance or cap has been reached. Inventory is also sent back in circumstances where the retailer could have recovered more value by re-selling the item. Moreover, most RTV operations are heavily manual and paper-based. With Optoro’s SmartRTV module, retailers are able to help streamline and optimize many aspects of the return-to-vendor process. With dynamic decision-making, robust workflow tools, and easy-to-use dashboards, retailers using SmartRTV can: (1) Improve the efficiency of RTV operations, (2) Minimize credit disputes and other disagreements with brand partners, and (3) Visualize and track all inventory in the RTV process.
  • Remarketing. Most retailers and brands use traditional methods to liquidate open-box and used inventory in bulk for pennies on the dollar, leaving tremendous amounts of unrealized value on the table. Even worse, they lose the ability to control where their inventory goes, protect their brand equity, and ensure proper treatment of goods. With Optoro’s Remarketing solutions, retailers and brands are able to help increase the value of their non-new inventory and maintain item-level visibility and control. Optoro enables the sale of inventory both direct-to-consumer (D2C) and business-to-business (B2B), using white-labeled marketplaces, Optoro’s branded channels, and direct sales teams. Optoro’s machine learning algorithms help clients find the right balance between optimizing for value and optimizing for speed. Optoro Remarketing helps retailers and brands: (1) Increase the value of non-new inventory in the secondary market, (2) Increase the velocity of inventory sales, (3) Maintain brand equity and protect perception, and (4) Minimize costs associated with remarketing.


Cloud-driven and sold as Software as a Service to significantly reduce upfront investments, eMobilePOS® is a native application running on Honeywell mPOS handheld computers with features like inventory controls, product attributes, price levels, mix'n'match discounts, mobile payments, online/offline functionality, etc. A true enterprise-grade solution, eMobilePOS also features interfaces to popular accounting and ERP systems, thus bringing merchants’ consumer-facing operations into a full circle.

Features and benefits include:

  • Your Customers Are Mobile, So Your Sales Associates Should Be, Too. Engage your shoppers anywhere on the sales floor of your store or at a pop-up shop in a venue. eMobilePOS enables sales associates with the power of knowledge at their fingertips, leading to a superb shopper experience.
  • Offline Sales. As a native application, eMobilePOS has complete offline capabilities with localized databases on Honeywell mPOS handheld devices even when there is no data or internet connectivity. Sales will be queued up to synchronize whenever the communications are reestablished. Never miss a sales opportunity!
  • Product Attributes. Product matrix to attribute variations based on size, color, model, etc.
Barry J. Ewell

Barry J. Ewell is a Senior Content Marketing Communications Specialist for Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions. He has been researching and writing on supply chain topics since 1991.