Analyze Government Software Solutions in the Honeywell Marketplace: DocuSign, Nauto Coach, Pervidi Paperless Inspections

Analyze Government Software Solutions in the Honeywell Marketplace: DocuSign, Nauto Coach, Pervidi Paperless Inspections

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In volatile situations, there’s no margin for error. Instant communication and access to critical information is essential to making informed decisions and responding as quickly and effectively as possible. Yet budgets decline. Demand for service increases. And governmental organizations are challenged every day to do more with less. That’s where Honeywell can help. In fact, we've been helping government entities for more than 30 years. From military deployment operations to ongoing support for critical public services, Honeywell provides systems definition, design, and overall logistics management. Along with our partners, we enable federal agencies and state and local governments to create better processes for operations, assets, and service deliveries. We can do the same for you.

Honeywell Marketplace is a worldwide showcase for the latest apps and software solutions to help you increase productivity and drive overall profitability in government. The online platform enables both Honeywell and our Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner ecosystem to meet and collaborate to deliver solutions to the industries we serve. This online marketplace provides the ability for you to find, learn about, purchase, and deploy solutions that meet your strategic needs. In this issue we feature solutions from DocuSign, Nauto Coach, and Pervidi Paperless Inspections.


DocuSign enables people around the world to electronically sign documents, approvals, and agreements – on any device, in any time zone. And, DocuSign is more than just eSignatures. DocuSign enables fully digital workflows that help to save money, increase efficiency, and move business forward.

DocuSign Business Pro is a per-seat subscription for DocuSign Partners to resell. Each seat includes 100 envelopes per year, pooled at the account level, with envelope limits waived during the first year. Minimum order of 2 seats with an annual commitment, allowed to be paid monthly with no cancellation during each 12-month term. All add-on seats purchased after the original order will be pro-rated and co-term with the original order renewal date. Annual auto-renewal may be cancelled at any time up to two weeks prior to the original renewal date. All customers will be provided initial configuration help through self-paced on-demand training. Full Premiere Customer Support is included with all orders.

Features and benefits include:

  • Easy Electronic Signatures. Use DocuSign to complete approvals and agreements in hours – not days – from anywhere and on any device. Quickly and securely access and sign documents. Easily upload and send documents for others to sign. Send reminders and check signing status any time.
  • Accelerate Your Business. Complete approvals, agreements, and transactions faster by building end-to-end online processes with DocuSign. A majority of agreements are completed within one hour. Embed electronic signing and payment requests into your existing website, portals, and applications. With DocuSign, you can help to automate and streamline all your business-critical workflows and save time and money while staying secure and compliant.
  • Secure, Reliable Transactions. DocuSign is the most reliable, globally trusted service for electronic signatures. DocuSign meets the most rigorous security industry certification standards, and uses the strongest commercially available data encryption technologies available. DocuSign systems and processes exceed industry best practices for data protection for data transmission and secure storage.
  • Global Availability. With more than 200 million users in 188 countries and signing enabled in 43 localized languages, users everywhere can enjoy the benefits of digital agreement processes for most documents while meeting the requirements of national laws worldwide.
  • Open and Extensible. Because every business is different, DocuSign is flexible. We have hundreds of out-of-box connectors for common applications. And if you require a custom solution, our APIs allow developers to extend and integrate DocuSign.
  • Mobile App. The DocuSign electronic signature mobile app provides professionals with a simple way to legally sign and return documents from anywhere, anytime, on any device. DocuSign any document with just a few clicks on your mobile device. Download the free mobile app from Apple App Store, Google Play, or Windows Store.

Nauto Coach

Nauto Coach is built for safety and fleet management leaders that are committed to improving driver behavior through evidence-based coaching, while protecting their drivers against wrongful liability claims. With the Nauto Prevent add-on, fleets can help prevent collisions before they occur with the industry's only real-time progressive alerts built with drivers in mind.

Features and benefits include:

  • Real-Time Prevention. Help prevent collisions before they occur with the industry’s only automated real-time alerts for:
    • Distracted Driving: Nudge drivers to focus on the road with progressive alerts based on duration.
    • Tailgating: Coach drivers to keep safe following distances.
    • High-Risk Warnings: Alert drivers when it matters most – when their eyes are off the road and they’re approaching another vehicle.
  • Evidence-Based Coaching. Coach drivers with real-world evidence to improve driver performance and reduce collisions:
    • Actionable Fleet Safety Insights: Quickly assess the safety of your fleet using Nauto’s proprietary VERA Score™.
    • Coach High-Risk Drivers: Easily identify and coach high-risk drivers with personalized driver insights and high-risk event videos.
    • Reward Safe Driving: Leverage driver reports as a leaderboard to reward and incentivize safe driving.
  • Liability Protection. Protect your fleet against wrongful at-fault claims and empower your drivers.
    • Streamline Claims Processing: Receive collision notifications and immediately access critical data for your insurance claim.
    • Empower Your Drivers: Equip your drivers to notify you with the Mark Button and automatically upload videos of unsafe or unusual events.
    • Track Trip History: Locate vehicles, see high-risk events in context, or request video evidence of events as needed.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Distracted Driving. Nudge drivers to focus on the road with progressive alerts based on the duration of distractions and speed of the vehicle. Powered by Nauto's proprietary AI-powered algorithm, help your drivers stop the cause of nearly 70% of traffic collisions.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Tailgating. Coach drivers to keep safe following distances, and help avoid unnecessary rear-ending collisions (nearly 50% of all traffic collisions), while improving fuel efficiency by 15% to 30%.
  • Safety Insights and Reporting. Nauto's VERA Score™ and safety insights enable safety and fleet management leaders to quickly identify and coach-high risk drivers.
  • High-Risk Events. Nauto captures high-risk events – distracted driving, tailgating, hard acceleration, braking, and cornering – in real-time and uploads high-quality interior and exterior video and other critical event data (e.g., driver, location, vehicle speed, and more) to help safety and fleet management leaders coach drivers with the full context.
  • On-Demand Video Requests and Trip History. Request high-quality interior and exterior video and other critical event data and access history of your fleet's vehicles and see high-risk events in context via Nauto's secure self-service Fleet Safety Application.
  • Automated Notifications. Set automated SMS or email notifications when drivers exhibit high-risk driving behavior based on the type and severity of events. Other notifications are also available including collision alerts and device disconnections.

Pervidi Paperless Inspections

Pervidi systematically manages and improves paper-based activities and processes including: • Equipment Inspections • Inspections and Audits • Asset Management • Tool Crib • Maintenance Management • Custom Forms and Processes • Electronic Logbooks, and... literally automate ALL your mobile data collection.

Features and benefits include:

  • Compliance and Improved Safety. Comply with standards and regulations • Maintain and easily access records • Produce logs, certificates, and reports • Help ensure activities are performed on time • Improve accountability and staff ownership • Eliminate data entry • Save time and money • Manage corrective actions and repair • Simplify activities and learning curves • Improve reporting, forecasts, and analysis
  • Improved Resource Utilization. Pervidi asset management and toolcrib management dramatically improve asset utilization and minimize equipment “shrinkage”.
  • Safety Inspections. Automates any type of safety inspection including 2,000 built-in checklists or user-defined checklists.
  • Fall Protection. Automates all aspects of fall protection safety and equipment tracking.
  • Food Safety. Inspect your food establishments and HACCP requirements using Pervidi.


Barry J. Ewell

Barry J. Ewell is a Senior Content Marketing Communications Specialist for Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions. He has been researching and writing on supply chain topics since 1991.