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Honeywell is Featured in Optoro’s “Returns Report” on the Topic of “Health Crisis Solutions for Retail”

Honeywell is Featured in Optoro’s “Returns Report” on the Topic of “Health Crisis Solutions for Retail”

In this chapter of the Optoro blog series, “Returns Report”, host Laura Summers, SVP, Marketing for Optoro discusses with Taylor Smith, CMO for Productivity Products from Honeywell:

  • Retailer trends for addressing social distancing and new cleaning procedures mandated by WHO and CDC, to enhance customer and employee safety protocols.
  • Healthcare-grade disinfectant-ready housing for mobile computers, scanners and printers.
  • Operational Intelligence to help retailers monitor on-site social distancing compliance, help enforce customizable device cleaning procedures and deploy software to digitally trace who has handled each device.

Here are a few takeaways from the discussion:

Current Retail Industry Trends. As retail has adjusted to the global health crisis, retailers have taken actions to dramatically increase cleanliness standards in warehouses, facilities and physical stores. These actions include, for example, social distancing measures, mandatory face coverings, alternating shifts to limit people in areas, routine temperature checks and receiving proper tools to ensure device cleaning. Many retailers are voicing the need for more options of how to address social distancing, mandated cleaning procedures by WHO and CDC while helping associates/employees maintain productivity and protect customers.

Disinfectant-Ready Housings. Health experts are recommending that organizations adopt protocols for routine cleaning and disinfecting of devices for employee health and safety. In response Honeywell is introducing a broad range of its most commonly used scanners, mobile computers, and printers with disinfectant-ready housings (DRH) for general purpose applications.

DRHs utilize plastics are designed to withstand the harshness of frequent cleaning with disinfectants, without compromising the lifespan of equipment. These devices can be used throughout the warehouse, logistics and retail industries with the same ease of use as standard Honeywell products.

Honeywell was the first company in the barcode scanning industry to introduce disinfectant-ready housings (DRHs), a healthcare solution designed specifically to address this concern.

Operational Intelligence for Retailers. Honeywell has expanded the feature set of Operational Intelligence, a remote asset management platform that helps retailers keep their mobile-equipped associates productive, while allowing them to return to the workplace by supporting local site health and safety compliance requirements.

These new health crisis features give associates control to act quickly, thereby increasing productivity and decreasing device downtime, while reducing frequency of contact or touch. The features include:

  • Social Distancing Proximity Detection allows organizations to prioritize and monitor social distancing practices. The feature monitors the proximity between Honeywell devices and logs alerts, allowing frontline workers to promote social distancing and adhere to safety guidelines.
  • Device Cleaning Management gives you the ability to set-up configurable cleaning protocols for each asset. Configurations can be on an hourly, daily or in-between shift basis. Each cleaning event will be logged with the user, time and date for reporting.In addition, the feature can also send alerts to clean other assets and areas of the worksite.
  • Remote Control and Remote Wipe give IT administrators the availability to quickly take control of a device in any location to investigate and fix issues remotely and digitally wipe devices to original factory settings.
  • Customer Counter provides associates the ability to help enforce retail location occupancy levels. By stationing associates at multiple entrances and exits with this cloud-based, easy-to-use feature, it allows them to simply add or subtract shoppers who enter and leave the store. This real-time data is shared with employees at multiple entrances of a store to remain in-sync and count as customers enter and exit.
Karen Bomber

Karen Bomber is the Director of Industry Marketing for Honeywell Productivity Products. She leads the strategic direction of Honeywell’s in-store retail, healthcare, distribution center and transportation and logistics (T&L) solutions, helping businesses focus on enhancing customer service and increasing worker productivity.