Explore Post/Parcel Delivery Software Solutions in the Honeywell Marketplace: ZelloWork PTT, CLYD, Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud

Explore Post/Parcel Delivery Software Solutions in the Honeywell Marketplace: ZelloWork PTT, CLYD, Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud

Hundreds of software solutions, technologies, and services from Honeywell and third-party software vendors. Find solutions by industry, solution type, technology, and OS. See the Honeywell Marketplace for the Post/Parcel Delivery.

Competition is brutal. You’ve got to deliver more accurately and faster than ever – and do it with less to make a profit – or lose customers to the competition. From the first mile to the last, we can help with workflow solution expertise specifically for your industry. Honeywell cost-saving postal, courier, express, and parcel (CEP) workflow solutions help equip you to increase service quality, productivity, and asset utilization. That'll help to give a nice boost to your bottom line while helping you build a happy, loyal customer base.

Honeywell Marketplace is a worldwide showcase for the latest apps and software solutions to help you increase productivity and drive overall profitability in post/parcel delivery. The online platform enables both Honeywell and our Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner ecosystem to meet and collaborate to deliver solutions to the industries we serve. This online marketplace provides the ability for you to find, learn about, purchase, and deploy solutions that meet your strategic needs. In this issue we feature solutions from ZelloWork PTT, CLYD, and Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud.

ZelloWork PTT

Fast, reliable Push-to-Talk, live voice for work teams. Talk instantly to individuals and groups anywhere in the world. Works on most Honeywell devices, smartphones, and tablets. Replaces radios and works on Wi-Fi or mobile carrier networks. Secured with military-grade encryption. Over 130,000,000 registered users.

Features and benefits include:

  • Crystal-Clear Voice. Automatically adjusts to deliver highest voice quality. Includes alerts, text, and image sending.
  • Never Miss a Message. All messages saved on user device and archived. Buffers messages when connection is lost.
  • Control and Analyze. Customize talk groups and staff access. Archive all communications and associated metadata.
  • See Everyone’s Location. Built-in GPS offers real-time views. Archive location history.
  • Safe and Convenient. Emergency Button for a worker under duress. Compatible with most Show more.
  • Live Status. See at a glance who is online. Verify your connection.
  • Why Teams Love Zello. It makes it easy to instantly connect to other team members. High-quality voice means team members can always hear and be heard. Never a missed message, because everything is stored on the device. Less distraction, as they connect to channels as needed and just hear messages intended for them.
  • Why Managers Love It. Managers are never out of touch with the business, anywhere, any time of day or night. ZelloWork records all interactions, which assists in team member accountability and dispute resolution. ZelloWork runs on Wi-Fi and carriers’ data networks, making everyone reachable wherever they are. Messages are stored on managers’ and administrators’ devices and consoles for easy replay.
  • Why Companies Love It. It runs on devices employees already use, meaning fewer devices to purchase and carry. Team members are more available, responsive, and accountable, which improves customer satisfaction. It lets companies structure their own network and decide what individuals and groups can and can’t do. ZelloWork’s Crosslink extends push-to-talk connectivity to partners, vendors, and others at no charge.


Manage and secure your devices. CLYD is an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) software allowing organizations to administrate, manage, and secure Android™ devices. Designed for quick and easy handling, CLYD allows the remote securitization and administration of Android devices. CLYD ensures the initial deployment of devices as well as the maintenance and optimization in operational conditions. The solution allows administration teams to have a tool adapted to their specific needs and context, thanks to the definition of customized dashboards and compliance criteria. The software also allows you to delegate all or part of the device fleet administration to local administrators (agencies, regions, etc.).

Features and benefits include:

  • Administration. Provisioning, inventories, kiosk/workspace, geolocation, monitoring, remote control.
  • App Management. Deployment, installation, update.
  • Data Management. Documents and folders, synchronization, transfer, backup.
  • Android Enterprise Recommended. CLYD software is approved by Google and its Android Enterprise Recommended program and is compatible with Zero Touch Enrollment.
  • Kiosk. Device locked/secured, user workspace, no access to system.
  • WorkSpace. User workspace environment, without locking the device, access to system.
  • App Management. Deployment, installation, and silent updates.
  • Supervision. Customized dashboard, hardware and software inventory, device compliance.
  • Monitoring. Battery, CPU, disk space, networks.
  • Geolocation. Periodicity of position reports, time range of statements.
  • Remote Control. Secure access, device skin, chat, interactive file transfer.
  • Data Management. Files and folders, synchronization, transfer, backup.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud is an industry-leading security as a service that is always up-to-date, easy to manage, and offers advanced protection for users anywhere. It has a single console for endpoint protection, management, mobility, and encryption and sets up in under 5 minutes. The cloud-based solution does not require dedicated IT resources and has a low total cost of ownership.

Features and benefits include:

  • Advanced Machine Learning. Blocks new and emerging threats using trillions of samples of good and bad files in the Symantec Global Intelligence Network to power machine-learning results.
  • Behavior Monitoring. Determines file risk by monitoring nearly 1,400 file behaviors while they execute in real time to block malicious files.
  • Memory Exploit Mitigation. Neutralizes zero-day exploits in popular software that has not been patched by the vendor using signature-less technology that works regardless of flaw, bug, or vulnerability.
  • High-Speed Emulation. A static data scanner runs each file in milliseconds, in a lightweight virtual machine to force threats to reveal themselves, improving both detection rates and performance.
  • Network Firewall and Intrusion Prevention. Rules-based firewall and browser protection defend against web-based attacks. With strong network protection, you can detect most threats before they reach endpoints.
Barry J. Ewell

Barry J. Ewell is a Senior Content Marketing Communications Specialist for Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions. He has been researching and writing on supply chain topics since 1991.