Review DC/Warehouse Software Solutions in the Honeywell Marketplace: Logos-E, Largo WMS, Vonage Business Cloud

Review DC/Warehouse Software Solutions in the Honeywell Marketplace: Logos-E, Largo WMS, Vonage Business Cloud

Hundreds of software solutions, technologies, and services from Honeywell and third-party software vendors. Find solutions by industry, solution type, technology, and OS. See the Honeywell Marketplace for all DC/Warehouse solutions.  

The pressure – the urgency – to speed order fulfillment and optimize your DC operations has never been greater. With Honeywell, you’ll have the technology and apps to easily connect your people, your assets, and your processes. It’s exactly what you need to drive greater productivity, agility, and efficiency throughout your supply chain and DC.

Honeywell Marketplace is a worldwide showcase for the latest apps and software solutions to help you increase productivity and drive overall profitability in the DC/warehouse. The online platform enables both Honeywell and our Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner ecosystem to meet and collaborate to deliver solutions to the industries we serve. This online marketplace provides the ability for you to find, learn about, purchase, and deploy solutions that meet your strategic needs. In this issue we feature solutions from Logos-E, Largo WMS, and Vonage Business Cloud.


​Our mission is to lead the new media communication industry with our international patented technology that broadcasts video from the cloud and plays on any mobile device. Our software solution reaches across multiple business sectors and verticals, utilizing our unique system that facilitates video viewing in most areas of the globe.

Features and benefits include:

Multiple Languages Support. Logos-E is designed for optimal employee experience for different individual departments, such as Healthcare, Human Resources, Education, Retail, and many more. This benefits multinational companies, thanks to the unlimited number of language interfaces and content support. The system permits videos in an unlimited number of languages, and the translations apply to all video content, information, and subtitles.

Inventory Barcode Management Integration. Logos-E comes with inventory barcode support. It is compatible with Zebra-supported barcodes to facilitate communication and training when inventory is being taken. Video information from a product can be scanned.

Analytic Dashboard. It also includes interactive features, including a sophisticated dashboard where data can drill-down to any specific report. It also displays values on the dashboard that can interact on individual reports.

Private and Confidential. Security is part of the solution; videos are private and not shareable. Content is stored in a private cloud. The solution is expandable to support IoT sensors, and is perfect for healthcare communication solutions.

Largo WMS

Largo WMS is designed with ease in mind by having the most common Warehouse Operation Management automated. Most of our customers can use Largo WMS out-of-the-box with minimal configuration or customization. In short, Largo WMS is here to simplify your warehouse operations. It’s a preferred WMS application for light industry, ecommerce logistics operation, and distribution.

Features and benefits include:

  • Easy to Use Out-of-the-Box. Can be used out-of-the-box if you only need the core functionalities from Receiving to Put-Away, Picking to Loading, and various warehouse operations.
  • Highly Flexible. Largo WMS can be extended easily to cover specific operations or to extend to third-party ERP and MRP applications and third-party hardware.
  • Barcode and RFID Enabled. To minimize human input errors in the field, all operations are already based on Barcode (2D or QR) and can be further sped up by enabling the built-in RFID feature for Put-Away and Picking processes.
  • Special Operations. Largo WMS already supports special operations in the warehouse that includes Repacking, Kitting, Cross-Docking, and Consolidated Picking... and all are ready to be used right away!
  • Multi-Warehouse Support. Largo WMS already supports multiple warehouses in a single instance. Everything can be centralized and viewed on the cloud whether it is the Central DC, Area DC, or Depo.
  • Intuitive Dashboard. At-a-glance overview of the dashboard shows numbers that matter in a warehouse operation such as warehouse capacity, inbound and outbound progresses, and other necessary indicators.

Vonage Business Cloud

Use your Vonage® Business phone when you’re on the go! Maintain a single business identity in the office and on the road. Call and text using your Vonage Business phone number. Collaborate with your Vonage colleagues with group conversations, text, media sharing, and video calls. Play and read voicemails and manage voicemail settings. Manage your availability with Call Forwarding and “Do Not Disturb”. Import, view, and edit business contacts across multiple devices.

Join our community, and get early access to new features! The Vonage Business Cloud mobile app is available at no additional charge for existing subscribers of Vonage Business Cloud phone service – all you need to do is log in with your username and password. (Data charges may apply to mobile app usage depending on your mobile plan.)

Features and benefits include:

Company-Wide Solution with integrated growth path improving communication and eliminating cell phones from delivery personnel. More and more businesses are leveling the playing field by switching from traditional phone service to hosted VoIP. Vonage’s full-featured business VoIP solution requires no cost for setup or installation at the business. The system is hosted in the cloud and managed virtually, giving users greater control of the phone system and making it easy to add extensions as the business grows. Mobility features also keep on-the-go employees integrated within the system. Vonage’s efficient Business Cloud platform enables many customers to save on their monthly phone bills, and Vonage requires no annual contracts.


Barry J. Ewell

Barry J. Ewell is a Senior Content Marketing Communications Specialist for Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions. He has been researching and writing on supply chain topics since 1991.