Your DC Is Never Too Small for Voice: Honeywell Guided Work Solutions

Your DC Is Never Too Small for Voice: Honeywell Guided Work Solutions

Honeywell Guided Work Solutions is designed for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMB) that need to increase their warehouse productivity, accuracy and worker safety.   

Honeywell Guided Work Solutions is a simple yet powerful package that voice-enables workflows in the distribution center, allowing staff to work eyes-free and hands-free. It comes with native integration to both SAP® Business One and Microsoft® Dynamics 365. Guided Work Solutions allows for multiple forms of input, including voice data capture, barcode scanning and keyboard data entry, which improves productivity, accuracy and consistency. Some of its key take-aways include:

  • Easily configured and rapidly deployed. The solution is a seamlessly integrated, out-of-the-box offering that can be easily configured based on your DC’s requirements and rapidly deployed in common warehouse work processes such as order picking, receiving, replenishment and cycle-counting.
  • Turnkey solution. The bundle is seamlessly integrated to voice-enable pick lists, stock transfers and replenishments.
  • Built-in best practices. Based on 30 years of warehouse expertise with standard best practices out of the box.
  • Works across distribution center functions. Automated picking, receiving, put-away, cycle-counting, and more results in easy worker training across functions.
  • Flexible deployment. Guided Work Solutions brings integrated mobile application and voice-directed work to modern Android™ and Apple® iOS mobile devices through a configurable, fully licensed solution such as SAP Business One or Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Android and iOS applications. Enables use of multiple interfaces, including voice, scanning and keypad on any compatible Android or iOS device along with your other applications.
  • Leverage investment in Android devices. Leverages Honeywell Android-based Mobility Edge™ products (e.g., CT40 and CT60 mobile computers) and third-party devices. 
  • Integrated bundle solution. Simple bundle offering includes hardware, headset, application and licensing for easy purchase, deployment and support.
  • Multimodal. A mobile application designed to deliver multi-modal flexibility at the same time (voice/screen/scan).
  • Hands-free and eyes-free. Free your employees from being reliant on paper and screens so they can focus solely on their tasks, resulting in increased productivity, accuracy and safety.
  • Speed to peak performance:
    • Fast deployment. Easy integration allows for quick deployment, so you can immediately take advantage of voice technology on Android devices.
    • Services and support. Ongoing professional services and full hardware/software support programs are available.

In-the-field performance yields:

  • Increased productivity. Up to 35% improvement from legacy systems such as paper/labels, allowing workers’ hands to always be free to pick products and complete tasks.
  • Improved accuracy. With eyes always focused on the job, quickly find products in the correct location and reduce errors up to 50%.
  • Enhanced worker satisfaction and safety. Heightened worker productivity with voice guidance makes workers’ jobs more intuitive and focused, resulting in up to 20% fewer accidents. Improved worker productivity contributes to lower attrition and overall increased job satisfaction.
  • Reduced training. Training time is reduced by up to 50% in a fluctuating staff environment that includes seasonal or temporary warehouse workers.

Industry-Leading Voice Technology

Guided Work Solutions is based on Honeywell’s voice-directed solutions. For more than three decades, these best-in-class solutions have helped large enterprise customers increase productivity by up to 35% and improve accuracy by decreasing error rates by 50%. Today, voice-directed solutions are used every day by nearly one million distribution center workers in 60 countries, speaking more than 35 different languages. The technology, which simplifies and standardizes workflows, has been demonstrated to speed up training times for new workers by up to 50%.

Integrations With SAP Business One and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Guided Work Solutions is integrated into SAP Business One and Microsoft Dynamics 365, which support the majority of the WMS and ERP systems used by small- and medium-sized business.

Unlike our product for enterprise that is customizable and takes six to nine months to implement, these tightly integrated, out-of-the-box offerings can be easily configured and rapidly deployed in four to six weeks. Honeywell helps customers configure and train, so they can start using it immediately. It offers a significant cost and time savings compared to more highly customized solutions for large enterprises.

Interested users can preview the software by visiting the Honeywell Marketplace app store at marketplace.honeywell.com.

Guided Work for SAP Business One. Honeywell Guided Work Solutions integrates with SAP Business One, a software application that provides small- and medium-sized enterprises with solutions to manage warehouse operations, logistics and order fulfillment. The integration with SAP software makes it easy for workers to perform complex warehousing tasks, such as picking, receiving, put-away, packing and shipping inventory. For example, when SAP Business One receives a pick list, Honeywell Guided Work Solutions translates that pick list into a set of optimized interactive voice commands to allow workers to perform their tasks hands-free and eyes-free.

Guided Work for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Honeywell Guided Work Solutions integrates with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 warehousing platform, which enables distribution centers to better manage inventory, plan work, and support customer requests. When Microsoft Dynamics 365 needs work done in the distribution center, that work will be pushed to our voice-enabled mobile application. The worker will be guided through their workflow using voice. The inputs from voice and scanning will be sent back to Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a result.


Honeywell voice-directed solutions are used by nearly one million mobile workers every day, throughout the world, in a variety of tasks/workflows, in almost every kind and size of DC/warehouse operation. Honeywell voice-guided solutions have been proven to increase productivity by up to 35% and accuracy to 99.99%+. For example, in picking processes where workers follow a series of instructions for specific pick locations, products and quantities, these tools provide needed guidance and verification at every step. Voice is available in more than 35 languages and has been proven to dramatically reduce training and onboarding time, especially in peak seasons with highly transient workforces.

Click here for more information about Honeywell Voice.

Our expert assessment teams will partner with you to understand your unique business requirements and identify where opportunities exist to optimize your workflows and increase efficiencies within today’s competitive climate.

At Honeywell, we work with thousands of distribution centers of all sizes, across a wide variety of industries worldwide. We bring a deep foundational understanding of the businesses we serve, backed with expert research and data that identifies the real, specific needs of today’s DCs.

With over 130 years of on-the-ground experience, Honeywell is uniquely equipped to help you solve the problems that your business faces every day, see improved results, and be a trusted partner to help you reach and exceed your predetermined goals.

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