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Honeywell Warehouse Management System

While branding and marketing still play an important role for the profitability of products or services, what’s equally crucial these days is the efficiency of the operations and distributions processes of your warehouse. 

To help you boost the accuracy, efficiency and productivity of your warehouse, our highly configurable Honeywell Warehouse Management System is designed with a user-friendly interface that enables you to automate logistics equipment and upstream and downstream systems to deliver the best for you and your customers.

Optimise your warehouse with these features

Highly Integrated System

Seamless integration with existing external WMS and hardware.

Cloud Data Warehouse

Easily track and manage inventory and shipments with a centralised management.

Leading Technology Architecture

Leveraging top-notch Cloud architecture with enhanced security and data verification.

Highly Configurable Software

Tailor-made to suit your warehouse and operational needs.


Optimise Inbound Processes

  • Purchase order / Advance ship notice
  • Receive / Putaway / Quality control
  • Exceptional receipt handling / Receipt cancel

Comprehensive Inventory Management

  • Inventory balance / Inventory transaction
  • Inventory movement / Transfer
  • Inventory adjustment / Hold / Release
  • Cycle count

Streamline Outbound Process

  • Shipping order / Wave planning
  • Pre-sort / Sorting / Picking
  • Outbound review / SKU review / Wave review
  • Delivery order / Ship / Packing list/ Loading list / Delivery release list
  • Consolidated goods / Exceptional picking handling / Shipment cancel

Maximise Efficiencies with Task Management

  • Task management / Replenishment task
  • Archive management / BGO query
  • Miscellaneous job management
  • Putaway task / Picking task

Honeywell Transport Management System

Honeywell Transport Management System is an intelligent and visualised solution that was designed to ensure that you are able to meet the constantly growing supply and product demand of your customers. This comprehensive solution is packed with features that enable you to improve transportation resource management, route planning and optimisation and seamless connection to mobile and WeChat applications.

With Honeywell Transport Management System, you will be able to increase productivity, handle freight and keep up with the constantly changing industry, all while maintaining the standard of customer service.

Consolidate your fleet and freight management

Intelligent Transportation Dispatching and Storage Management

Reduce logistic operations cost and improve dispatch effectiveness and transportation utilisation.

Order Execution and Transportation Process Visualisation

Intuitive dashboard to view real-time updates for order executions and operational data.


Transportation Process Management

Improve overall transportation efficiency with on-the-road tracking, route optimisation and more.


Collaborate with Upstream and Downstream System

Increase overall efficiency and collaboration of the logistics chain with seamless connection to upstream and downstream systems.


Integrate with Various Logistic Devices

Collect operational data in real-time and meet specific industries management requirements..


Establish Business Rules
  • System configuration / List configuration
  • Dispatching rules / Tracking rules / Push messages
  • Bulletin board management / Timer
Streamline Order Processes
  • Obtain the purchase order / Order review
  • Order query / Orders split
Streamline Order Processes
  • Delivery scheduling / Trunkline scheduling
  • Intracity scheduling / Wave matching
Plan, Monitor & Manage Using Execution Tracker
  • Loading /Ship confirming / Tracking on the way
  • Arrival receipt / Unload and inbound / Receipt management
  • Exception management / Image preservation
Gain Insights to Patterns & Trends with Statistical Analysis
  • On-time delivery (JIT) rate / Non-defective rate by receiving / Staffing rate
  • Vehicle load / Transportation cost index
  • Customer satisfaction / Carrier assessment
  • UDF (User Defined Function) query / UDF report
Automate Billing Processes
  • Rate of billing setting / Bill of cost / Receipt
  • Check and write off the bill / Cost review
  • Account receivable / Accounts payable

Honeywell Order Management System

Equip your business and workforce with the tools that will enable them to easily organise orders,  improve overall operational cost-efficiency and ultimately deliver a seamless experience to customers with Honeywell OMS.

This solution provides you and your team with a centralised method to manage orders from all channels. When integrated with our Warehouse Management System, you will also gain multi-channel order allocation management as well as multi-sector collaboration.

Drive agility into your operations

Omni-Channel Order Management and Docking with Multiple Platforms

Enhance inventory management and information transparency and gain network inventory sharing for rational use for inventory.

Auto Consolidate and Split Order

Optimise order process and handle massive orders with automated splitting and consolidation according to preset rules.

Match Warehouse and Carrier Express Automatically

Improve order processing efficiency via rational use of warehousing and carrier express resources.

Collaboration Between Multiple Departments and Multiple Roles

Improve operational effectiveness and collaboration between multiple departments.


Streamline Order Fulfilment
  • Exemption strategy / Consolidation strategy / Split strategy / Transfer strategy
  • Shipping strategy / Out of stock transfer strategy / Out of stock release strategy
  • Portfolio strategy / Inventory dispatching strategy
Increase Warehouse Efficiency
  • Distance priority / Area priority / Inventory priority
  • SKU priority / Multi-Item priority
  • Area detection / inventory detection
Improve Member Retention
  • Membership ranking / Accumulation / Stop / Membership / Gift when assumption above
  • Gift will double upon purchase / Area / Combination / Priority / Keyword / Limit
Redefine Courier Service
  • Minimum shipping / Volume judgment / Weight judgment
  • Multi-items designation / SKU designation
  • Membership marketing / Store designation
Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Prevent batch off shelves / Differential synchronisation configuration
  • Shop synchronisation ratio setting / Package ratio configuration
  • SKU synchronisation ratio setting / Inventory limit alert configuration
  • Pre-sales synchronisation setting / Inventory sharing configuration
Build Effective Business Intelligence Analysis
  • Merchandise sales ranking / Store sales summary / Platform sales summary
  • Warehouse sales summary / City sales ranking / Provincial sales ranking shop price comparison / Slow-moving goods/ Pre-sale KPI / After-sales KPI / Settlement KPI
  • Return registration KPI / Return processing KPI / Warehouse delivery KPI / Express delivery KPI

Honeywell Data Exchange Platform (Datahub)

Data has now become an important asset to most businesses. Businesses that make full use of the data they have acquired are able to overcome most challenges and improve the services they provide to their customers. However, when your business expands, so does the amount of data, which you gain across multiple channels via different systems and platforms. Managing this data can turn into a massive challenge.

That’s where Honeywell Datahub comes in. This data exchange platform aims to help your business streamline data exchange and integration between multiple systems by building an upstream and downstream communication collaboration. With it, not only will it only improve your supply chain efficiency but also makes the data collected easier to manage.

Accelerate your business with centralised data

Data Exchange and Integration Between the Systems

Improve supply chain efficiency and collaboration by minimising system and information isolation.

Software and Hardware System Integration

Improve collaboration between equipment and efficiency of logistic equipment utilisation.

High Configurability Between the Systems

Reduce the difficulty of integration between systems

Multi-Customer, Heterogeneous System and Huge Data Processing Capability

Gain massive data processing and maintain high stability for system operation

Experience the next level of warehouse efficiency