Safety that’s always on demand

Manufacturing is Demanding

No matter what you make, a safe working environment comes first. Heavy machinery puts employees at risk of accidents and injuries caused by fire, mechanical, and chemical hazards, as well as long-term hearing loss. 

Honeywell offers diverse health and safety solutions for every worker, hazard and industry—so you can focus on the goods.

A Safer Manufacturing Experience

To create a safer working environment, we provide reliable industrial gas systems to fit all types of structures and industries. Be it lightweight wireless portable gas detectors or rugged fixed-point gas detectors, we’re your first line of defense against gas threats.

Our PPE solutions, including comfortable head gear and safety eyewear, protect workers from work-related accidents and injuries. 

We can help you drive efficiency and quality across all processes with IoT-enabled automation solutions.  

With Honeywell Workflow solutions, you have a real-time view of all materials, parts and finished goods flowing through your manufacturing operations – information you can use to optimize processes, ensure product pedigree and maintain consistent quality control. 

If you are looking to protect valuable warehouse infrastructure, our pressure sensors and switches protect and enhance worker safety by enabling on-site or remote monitoring of process control equipment. Designed for the widest temperature tolerance in the industry, our safety switches ensure safe conveyor belt operations by minimizing nuisance tripping or line shut downs.

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