Redeploying Robots

For more than two decades, robotic palletizing solutions have been advancing high-SKU, low-speed operations around the globe. A robot’s modular construction enables systems to scale with an operation, handle evolving packaging styles, and be redeployed on alternate production lines. As a result, many innovative companies are exceeding planned payback calculations and return on investment (ROI) parameters on the cost of their robotic palletizers. Adjustable solutions are crucial to growing companies — as is the proper installation or modification of the equipment. 

End-of-arm tooling, incorporating more complex row forming, and adding peripheral equipment all increase the ways a robotic palletizer can be used, allowing you to keep pace with today’s demands while preparing for the future.

Learn how to reconfigure, re-scale and redeploy industrial palletizing robots and automation to meet the demands of a growing operation while exceeding financial goals.