Maximize Asset Reliability and Lifecycle by Predicting and Preventing Downtime, Improving Productivity, and Lowering Costs With Maintenance Program

Only Honeywell offers IRIS, a computerized maintenance management system designed specifically for material handling equipment (MHE). This tailored CMMS helps your maintenance and facility managers maximize asset lifecycles by predicting and preventing breakdowns, improving labor productivity, reducing costly downtime, maximizing inventory management, and lowering the total cost of maintenance. The system comes with implementation support, OEM maintenance expertise and a deep pool of relevant, reliable data.

IRIS collects and analyzes system data to help plan and execute an effective preventive lifecycle maintenance program. The system can create work orders and daily maintenance schedules, maintain accurate inventory of spare parts, automatically place orders for necessary replacements, and improve the budgeting, reporting and tracking of key performance indicators. This helps you to facilitate regulatory compliance, improve lifecycle productivity, and increase uptime with reduced overtime and paperwork.

IRIS also integrates seamlessly with other trusted solutions from Honeywell, including TechSight and OnTimeParts.com. 

  • Maintenance planning and labor scheduling improve utilization
  • IRIS and user training tailored to fit your specific business needs
  • Key performance indicators within the application provide real-time data to aid in daily workload scheduling
  • Work orders generated within IRIS are scheduled and delegated to craft-specific technicians based upon scope of work and automated routing within the application
  • Projects are monitored from initiation to successful completion, backed by tools to track predictive and corrective tasks

Computerized Maintenance Management System