High Accuracy Transportation Current Sensors

Wide range of models and amperages – Honeywell current sensors let you meter, monitor, measure, and manage with confidence.


Highways or byways

For passenger and commercial vehicles, off-highway or industrial transport, RVs, NEVs, more

Sensors meet automotive ASIL-C requirements

Meet risk classification system set by the automotive industry

Leading-edge experience

Quality performance, cost-effective operation, decades of road-tested engineering

Convert current to voltage

The resulting voltage is proportional to the current passing through the monitored channel and can then be used for control, analysis, or system feedback display.



Convert current to voltage

Voltage output is proportional to current passing through the monitored channel


Control, analyze, display

Meet a wide variety of monitoring and measuring requirements


Important sensor feedback for multiple EV systems

E-powertrain, control systems, motor load, charge integration, battery condition, and more


Use current sensors for overcurrent protection, system control and safety, energy efficiency, and battery health monitoring.


Reliable performance
High accuracy, low-temperature drift to the BMS for electrical protection and SOC monitoring

Temperature compensation
Patented, proprietary algorithm for accuracy across entire operating temperature range

Magnetic resistance
Robust anti-magnetic interference design for flexibility with tight sensing distances

Precise SOC
Digital CAN output for fault detection and communication, resists electrical interference

Other applications
Charging system leakage detection and fault isolation, energy storage current measurement

Tailored solutions
Customize for exact specifications to improve time-to-market and lower total system costs


Our current sensors offer different sensing technologies, fast response times, minimum energy dissipation, built-in temperature compensation, and excellent overall performance.



Dive further into the highly accurate and precise Honeywell Current Sensor offering.


White Paper

The White Paper "Inline vs Isolated Current Sensor" discusses the impact of electrification on various industries and the importance of current sensing technology. It describes the benefits and technical attributes of high-power current sensors and highlights the sensors. The paper covers various types of current sensors, including shunt current sensors, open-loop Hall-Effect sensors, closed-loop Hall-Effect sensors, and flux gate current sensors, and discusses their advantages and disadvantages. It also provides examples of applications for current sensors, such as battery management systems and motor control.


Current Sensor Brochure

Learn more about current sensor applications and the broad Honeywell portfolio.


Electric Vehicle Brochure

Explore the breadth of Honeywell current and battery safety sensors.

Current sensors for today…and tomorrow

Like all Honeywell devices, our current sensors offer strong performance, long life, and increased safety.  For custom designs our engineering expertise is here for you. When you value global service, sourcing, and manufacturing and industry-leading engineering experience, Honeywell is your full-service, one-stop partner.