Depalletizing Hero Image
Depalletizing Hero Image


Unload Pallets Automatically, Efficiently and Safely With Semi-automated and Robotic Depalletizing Systems

Keep your end-of-line packaging, distribution and fulfillment operations moving at industry-leading speed — over 200 cases per minute or more — with Honeywell Intelligrated’s Alvey® palletizers and depalletizers. Whether you’re a food, beverage or consumer packaged goods manufacturer, or an omnichannel retailer, you’ll get the flexibility and dependability you need to stay at peak efficiency 24/7.

Honeywell Intelligrated engineers can install single machines at your site, or set up complete systems fully integrated with your existing conveyor and other material handling equipment.

Technologies include:

Alvey Model 450 Semi-Automatic

This semi-automatic depalletizer provides both ergonomic and speed advantages over manual depalletizing, while providing load handling gentle enough to keep even marginally stable loads secure. An intuitive touch-screen interface enables both control and diagnostics in the work zone. Heavy-duty construction ensures long-term dependability. This robust depalletizer system also provides the added safety of delayed infeed start when a fork truck is present.

Robotic Depalletizer Solutions

Honeywell Intelligrated’s robotic depalletizers are designed to precisely move and place a wide range of product shapes and sizes. These modular solutions feature compact footprints that scale easily from a single robot to a large multi-arm system.

For maximum flexibility, our robotic depalletizer systems support robotic arms from multiple manufacturers, including Motoman, KUKA and FANUC. Standard and custom end-of-arm tooling options are designed and built in-house to ensure seamless integration. This complete solution provides fully integrated software and machine controls, including support for PLC-based systems and vision-guided robotic technology.

If your operations require quick product changeovers and frequent packaging changes, we offer flexible options for single case, row or layer handling. Try our simulation software for assistance determining system feasibility, while enabling efficiency testing, training and troubleshooting.