Guided Work

Bringing Voice-Directed Efficiencies to DCs of All Sizes

Enable Hands-Free, Voice-Guided Workflows Such as Picking, Receiving, Replenishment, and Put-Away

Honeywell Guided Work brings the benefits of voice-guided workflows to DC operations. Guided Work integrates with leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software — such as SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and HighJump Warehouse Edge — and leverages your existing warehouse technology investments.

  • Turnkey Solution 

    Bundle is seamlessly integrated to voice-enable pick lists, stock transfers, and replenishments.

  • Android Application  

    Enables use of multiple interfaces including voice, scanning, and keypad on any compatible Android™ device along with your other applications.

  • Hands-Free and Eyes-Free 

    Free your employees from being reliant on paper and screens so they can focus solely on their tasks, resulting in increased productivity, accuracy, and safety.

  • Fast Deployment  

    Easy integration allows quick deployment so you can immediately take advantage of voice technology on Android devices.

Honeywell Guided Work By-The-Numbers

Increased Productivity 

  • Up to 35% improvement from legacy systems, allowing workers’ hands to always be free to pick products and complete tasks.

Improved Accuracy

  • With eyes always focused on the job, quickly find products in the correct location and reduce errors up to 50%.

Works Across Distribution Center Functions 

  • Automated picking, receiving, put-away, cycle counting, and more results in easy worker training across functions.

Integrated Bundle Solution 

  • Simple bundle offering includes hardware, headset, application, and licensing for easy purchase, deployment, and support. 

Enhanced Worker Satisfaction and Safety 

  • Heightened worker productivity with voice guidance makes workers’ jobs more intuitive and focused, resulting in less accidents.

For more about what your business can achieve with Guided Work, contact us today.