E-Commerce Conveyor
E-Commerce Conveyor


E-commerce Solutions to Maximize Fulfillment Execution

E-commerce Outpaces Traditional Retail

Because the growth of e-commerce continues to outpace traditional retail, your ability to provide outstanding online order fulfillment is more important than ever. With major online retailers driving consumer expectations for fast and/or free delivery — and traditional brick-and-mortar retailers implementing click and collect fulfillment models — service level agreements (SLAs) are becoming increasingly difficult to fulfill. To protect profits and succeed in this competitive environment, you need to increase throughput, reduce order errors, and achieve maximum efficiencies from manual and automated processes. 

Whether you’re upgrading an existing online fulfillment network, making the transition from traditional retail to e-commerce, or meeting click-and-collect SLAs, We create e-commerce and omnichannel solutions that meet your specific fulfillment requirements and drive operational productivity, while building a long-term foundation that enables your operations to integrate increasing levels of automation as needed.

Honeywell provides scalable, automated systems that combine advanced material handling equipment and innovative software, order picking technologies, mobile computing, scanning, printing and more.  We also provide a wide portfolio of personal protective equipment from forklift tethers and safety vests to safety eyewear, ear protection, and gloves.

E-commerce Fulfillment Comes with Specific Challenges

E-commerce fulfillment comes with specific challenges, in particular the proliferation of SKUs and high-order volumes, which add complexities to picking requirements that often result in more manual touches to complete orders. With our revolutionary Momentum™ warehouse execution system (WES), order picking technologies and sortation conveyors, we’re focused on helping e-commerce retailers transform these challenges into efficient processes and successfully meet customer SLAs

The Connected Distribution Center

Combining machine-level sensors, smart controllers and connected devices, The Connected Distribution Center gathers data from key inputs to deliver vital information on asset health and facility performance in real time. 

CT40 HC Mobile Computer

The CT40 HC mobile computer is an all-purpose device that simplifies, streamlines, and helps error-proof healthcare delivery.

Voice Devices and Headsets

Headsets and devices to enable voice-guided workflows and keep workers' hands and eyes free.

Order Picking & Putting Technologies

Whether you're fulfilling e-commerce orders or replenishing store inventory, efficient order picking and putting technologies are essential to the success of your operations.


AS/RS Systems: One-level Shuttle (OLS)

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