What to Consider for a Successful AS/RS Investment

In today’s distribution landscape, stores are receiving an increasing number of split-case orders. And e-commerce orders continue to rise, leading to a shift from full pallets to more frequent, smaller-quantity orders. 

With flexible, scalable layout configurations and the ability to handle high-volume, lightweight loads in a variety of containers, automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) shuttle technology delivers increased efficiency and accuracy for operations struggling to cope with these demanding order fulfillment requirements, rising land costs and a shrinking industrial workforce.  

Implementing AS/RS reverses the picker-to-product flow by bringing goods to people. This eliminates travel that can account for as much as half of a picker’s time, and allows labor to be more productive, enabling operations to fulfill more orders per hour.

This white paper, the first installment in a series of AS/RS materials from Honeywell Intelligrated, outlines the important factors for companies to consider when evaluating and adopting shuttle technology in current market conditions.