An ally of Government Organizations

United Against Challenges

Government organizations face challenges every day.From safeguarding its citizens to protecting property, all levels of government are under pressure to deliver high-quality services with limited financial resources. 

Whether in national, state or local law enforcement/public safety, security, or first responder teams, people need instant communication and access to critical information to make informed decisions and respond as quickly and effectively as possible.  

We can help you meet your mission-critical obligations while reducing operational costs.

Designed for Harsh Environments

Honeywell has been helping government entities for more than 30 years. From military deployment operations to on-going support for critical public services, Honeywell provides systems definition, design and overall logistics management. 

With our partners, we enable federal agencies and state and local governments to create better processes for operations, assets and service deliveries.

When crews are under fire, they should never have to think twice about whether their systems will work properly. With Honeywell sensors, switches, and custom controls, you get performance levels you can rely on. Honeywell military-specified position sensing and temperature products monitor armored vehicles’ gun control and ammunition loading systems. Resolvers and proximity sensors provide highly precise position feedback and extremely fast switching frequency for optimal gun system control. Temperature monitoring promotes a safe environment for optimal firing rates.

With almost 100 patents, we drive innovation in first responder PPE. Our technological advancements and our product development process starts and ends with input from firefighters who safeguard our communities and face the dangers of the fireground every day.

Working Together for a Better Dayton

Honeywell's CTS-800 Engine - Lynx Helicopter

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