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The healthcare industry is continuously evolving to keep up with increasing regulatory pressures while maintaining an environment where patients and staff feel safe. Healthcare providers often struggle with developing the right approach to stay ahead of these challenges while delivering a consistently great patient experience. From a patient’s first visit, to diagnosis, and returning home from care, Honeywell has the technologies to help healthcare providers increase productivity, efficiency, and shape the future of their organizations. 

Safety, Efficiency and Productivity at our Core

With an increased focus on customer experience, EHR compliance, and the safety of patients and staff, healthcare organizations need technology that can seamlessly integrate with existing processes. Having the right solutions in place can streamline error prone tasks, improve organizational agility, communication, and data entry. We’re focused on supporting you in your patient-centered approach by providing essential personal protective equipment, clinician productivity and mobility tools, and scan engines and sensors for medical devices. Together, we can redefine what’s possible for healthcare organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Browse some of our key healthcare offerings

Honeywell Disposable Face Shield
Vital PPE to protect healthcare workers.

Pressure Sensors in Key Medical Equipment

Dialysis machines, infusion pumps, ventilators and other medical equipment depend on Honeywell pressure sensors to operate at their best.

Healthcare Mobile Computers
Healthcare handheld computers make it easier for clinicians to provide superior care to patients and manage data flawlessly. Learn more.

High-Performance Hand Protection
Honeywell delivers a resilient supply of nitrile exam gloves for healthcare professionals.

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Healthcare and Life Sciences