Calibration Pressure Transducers


Honeywell’s Accu-Gage Models AG400 and AG401 offer a combination pressure transducer and digital readout in designed for use in both industrial and laboratory applications. Accu-Gage offers portability, enhanced accuracy and industrial grade durability at a very competitive price. Each unit features a sturdy metal case and handle that provides extra protection and potential failures caused by shock or vibration often associated with gauges constructed of plastic materials.

Designed to achieve both high accuracy and high stability, all Honeywell's Accu-Gage instruments are fitted with Honeywell’s dependable, enhanced-accuracy pressure transducers and undergo an extensive two part burn-in process, one for the transducer and one for the combined transducer/instrument unit. Units can be panel mounted to provide clear pressure or vacuum readouts to machine operators on the process line or used as online quality control monitors.

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