Outbound Handling

Cut Transportation Costs Through Advanced Sortation Solutions

In today’s competitive e-commerce climate, keeping shipping costs low while ensuring timely delivery are key to maintaining profitability. It’s estimated that nearly half of all e-commerce shopping carts are abandoned due to unexpectedly high shipping costs. That’s why many operators have adopted zone-skipping strategies and introduced polybag containers to offset the expense of dimensional weight (DIM) pricing. And when you add shipping processes to support efficient store replenishment to the mix, supporting all of these strategies is placing unprecedented demands on sortation and conveyor systems.

Honeywell Intelligrated is experienced in implementing sortation conveyor solutions that support all shipping activities while enabling emerging cost-saving measures. Our advanced sortation systems allow packages to be pre-sorted at the fulfillment center rather than the parcel carrier — avoiding transportation costs via an efficient zone-skipping process that routes orders more directly to end consumers.

We’ll help you develop best-fit sortation and conveyor solutions that address your business’ shipping requirements:

  • Provide enough divert destinations within your facility’s available footprint
  • Reliably handle your product/packaging mix, including polybags and bubble mailers
  • Achieve your throughput goals

Applicable sortation and conveyor systems include:

  • Case, tote and polybag containers
  • Accumulation conveyors
  • Full range of sortation systems for various containers and throughput targets
  • Warehouse execution systems