Optimizing Operations

Thrive in the Face of Uncertainty With End-to-end Solutions and Strategies

The coronavirus pandemic is quickly reshaping the distribution, fulfillment and omnichannel retail landscape. Seemingly overnight, retailers experienced an unprecedented acceleration of e-commerce adoption as consumers embraced contact-less, online fulfillment options — across all retail sectors and many for the first time. For distribution center (DC) and retail store managers, this emerging demand introduced complexity to their fulfillment operations, bringing spikes in order volumes, dictating shorter fulfillment windows, and requiring the adoption of in-store, e-fulfillment models.  

At the same time, distribution center (DC) and retail managers were now faced with implementing comprehensive facility and enterprise-wide workplace safety measures aimed at improving worker confidence and well-being.  Honeywell knows that the landscape has changed, and we’re ready to help you thrive in the face of uncertainty. From building solutions to automated material handling to mobility devices and software to safety equipment, we have the tools and technologies you need to meet customer expectations, enhance workplace safety protocols, and transition to more automated and efficient processes.

  • Robotics integration — reduces reliance on manual labor resources while driving productivity and safety in picking, packing and truck unloading processes
  • Honeywell Voice and software — boost productivity while making operations more efficient with analytics-driven insights
  • Micro-fulfillment center (MFC) strategies — support emerging e-fulfillment business models in retail stores and bring your fulfillment network closer to your customers
  • Healthier distribution dashboard — monitor climate quality, ventilation, people flow, and more (available through mobility devices and with common area digital signage)
  • Autonomous building automation and control — centrally manage life safety, security and building management systems; ensure smart controls for access, intrusion or incident response
  • Access control for device tracking — monitor and record movement 
  • Connected Assets — receive real-time notifications of issues affecting assets or processes to predict and prevent unplanned downtime and drive higher asset utilization
  • Momentum™ warehouse execution system — orchestrate nearly every aspect of automated warehouse execution — from multiple systems and order fulfillment processes to labor management, workload balancing and real-time, decision-making capabilities

Additional Tools to Optimize Operations