Vertical Conveyor Hero Image
Vertical Conveyor Hero Image

Vertical Conveyor

Elevate Totes and Containers to the Next Level With Vertical Conveyor Systems

Nowhere to go but up? Vertical conveyor and sortation equipment is ideal for transporting totes and cartons within a compact warehouse footprint. You’ll get precise control and location tracking to keep product flowing smoothly and efficiently in any application that needs multiple elevation levels.

Vertical solutions are flexible enough to be arranged to suit the needs of your facility. In C configuration, product enters and exits on the same side but at different elevations. In Z arrangements, product enters and exits on opposite sides, while 3-D configurations involve 90-degree turns, with product exiting perpendicular to the direction of entry.

Vertical Sortation

For applications requiring maximum sort options, innovative vertical sortation solutions offer entrances and exits on each side and multiple elevations. These unique vertical reciprocating conveyors give you maximum flexibility in a minimal footprint, allowing you to enhance operational efficiency without incurring the capital expense of facility expansion. 

Available in C, Z and 3-D configurations, vertical sortation systems also feature overhead tote storage and transport to improve your space utilization. Totes are routed to the appropriate conveyor for automatic transport between processes, while automatic tote handling and lifting improve worker safety. In addition, the system automatically alleviates congestion for uninterrupted, increased throughput.

Vertical sortation solutions are capable of handling multiple-tray transfers with multiple products on a shelf, such as first in/first out or last in/first out.

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor

With vertical reciprocating conveyors, you can move product up and down in the same unit, with user-configurable input and discharge heights for added system flexibility. Industry-leading conveyor speeds and a variety of configurations give you the ability to handle a diverse array of products with the pace and reliability to match or even exceed your operational requirements.

Vertical reciprocating conveyors are available in C, Z and 3-D configurations. Single- or multi-shelf configurations are available in a range of sizes to deal with multiple product handling challenges. Best of all, the conveyors have minimal moving parts for ease of maintenance.

Tinted or clear polycarbonate plastic window designs provide you with clear visibility into the system. An optional HMI touch-screen is available to further simplify user interaction.

Vertical Indexing Conveyor

Vertical indexing conveyors transfer product in a single direction — up or down — with multiple discharge chutes and entry locations for high system flexibility. Maximum throughput and years of reliable, low-maintenance operation are made possible by compact designs, efficient timing belts and optimized cycle times.

You can set input and discharge heights to meet the needs of your site in C and Z configurations. Tinted or clear polycarbonate plastic window designs allow clear visibility into the system. Safety can be enhanced with optional proximity sensors, photoelectronic sensors and limit switches. In addition, an optional HMI touch-screen simplifies user interaction.

Buffering Systems

Specialty conveyor systems offer reliable tote buffering at sorter discharge chutes in preparation for downstream processes. These modular, efficient staging lanes have much smaller footprints compared to other accumulation conveyor solutions, making the most of your valuable floor space by reducing the number of conveyors at staging locations. Buffering systems also simplify maintenance, improving your system availability.

Tote Stacking and Destacking

Custom solutions automate the stacking or destacking processes of empty or full totes, providing reliable staging, storage, retrieval and resequencing of conveyed product. These flexible, compact tote stacking solutions are ideal, even in tight layout conditions; they are available in grip widths and lengths from 9–34 inches to fit your specific application requirements. Featuring maintenance-friendly, modular designs, our tote stacking and destacking solutions are also available with pneumatic or electric activation options.

Helix Belt Curves

Helix belt curves are used in conveyor systems when along with transport around a curve, there is also a level change to overcome. The holistic construction concept combines both performance and reliability. In addition, the effective footprint and space requirement to fulfill this function is greatly reduced within the system layout. 

  • Extremely high throughput
  • Less controlling effort and no advance cyclic operation
  • Patented belt guiding system and conical drums for maximum reliability and smoothness in running
  • Low-tension conveyor belt drive across the entire width of the belt enables long deployment time
  • Optimized for weight, space and installation
  • Very low noise levels compared to conveyors with chain drives
  • Simplified belt replacement


The Transnorm VertiSwitch is a completely standardized, vertical distribution unit which can be deployed optionally as a diverting unit for line distribution or merging unit for line consolidation. Characterized by an open and robust construction, modular design and a high level of dynamism in the swivel movements.

  • Innovative design with minimum energy consumption
  • Light yet rugged design with high reliability
  • Compact design for minimal space requirements
  • High speed operation combined with low noise operation
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Usable as a line diverter or merge