Honeywell understands the importance of keeping your facilities and devices operational.  That’s why we’ve created four convenient parts management contracts designed to ensure your equipment is back up and running as quickly as possible. 

Comprehensive Parts Program:

Enrolling in the Comprehensive Parts Program gives you peace of mind with No Fault Coverage that repairs or replaces damaged instruments and replaces out of warranty or damaged sensors. During the service, our field service technicians conduct software and firmware updates. 

Planned Parts Program:

To prevent downtime, Honeywell will automatically ship out select high wear spare parts on a predefined schedule. This parts management contract option is suggested for items with sensors, lamps etc. that have predefined shelf life. 

Parts Management:

For customers who rely on Honeywell Gas Detection devices for critical infrastructure, the Parts Management Program is the best option. With this program, Honeywell will allot replacement parts for your devices that can be stored at a Honeywell site or on your premises. 

Parts Usage:

This program is intended for customers looking to stick to budgets for their replacement parts. Customers enrolled in the Parts Usage Program budget their yearly needs for material purchases and throughout the year can order Honeywell parts against that budget. 

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