Enterprise Browser

Run Standard Web Applications and Browse Web Content From a Controlled Environment


Enterprise Browser enables corporations to run standard web applications and browse web content from a controlled environment. Enterprise Browser is a lock-down browser with isolation capabilities. Each connection is “sandboxed” into its own process, resulting in a safer browsing experience. User attention is focused on line-of-business applications and the browser prevents non-productive web surfing.

• Lock-down browser for control over program flow 

• Optimized for web-based data collection applications 

• URL White Listing promotes browsing that fits with your corporate policies  

• Multiple rendering engines to support new and existing applications without re-coding 

• Supports remote configuration 

• JavaScript interfaces for scanning and printing control 

• Provides more screen real estate for applications  

• Maintenance plan available for ongoing support

• You can also use Honeywell Enterprise Browser together with Honeywell Launcher to create a single-purpose device configuration

Key Features

Productive Browsing 

Enterprise Browser enables corporations to use their choice of search engines from a controlled environment. Prevent non-productive web surfing and easily take total control over which URLs your devices communicate with. Enterprise Browser gives you the confidence that your users will not be able to access rogue sites or sites with questionable content.

Sandboxed Environment

Enterprise Browser allows for connection to/from only isolated points within the public and private cloud. This sandboxed environment keeps the end user productive and ensures end-point security while keeping the device managed. Allow only what meets your corporate guidelines. 

Optimized for Data Collection

With features such as JavaScript interfaces for barcode reading, receipt and label printing, and the ability to update settings remotely, Enterprise Browser provides a browser environment suitable for the unique demands of enterprise data collection applications. Enterprise Browser also ensures that your settings will be maintained in the event you need to reset your Honeywell handheld computer.

Maintenance Plan

Keep up to date with the latest releases and maintain your right to product support beyond the warranty period by purchasing an annual maintenance plan. The Enterprise Browser plan is easy to purchase and use.

For more about what your business can accomplish with Enterprise Browser, contact us today.