DEX Wireless Adapter Software

Speed Up Direct Store Delivery Operations


Honeywell offers DEX Store Front, DEX BLE-DEX Software Development Kit (SDK), and DEX Toolkit Bundle software solutions for the Honeywell DEX Wireless Adaptor. With the Honeywell DEX Wireless Adapter and software solutions, users can deploy a cost-effective, versatile, maintenance-free DEX solution for their DSD operations.

Offerings and Key Features

DEX Store Front

DEX Store Front is a unique tool for testing DEX device applications by simulating connection to the retailer store application. 

  • Reduce the risk of costly field issues

  • Bench-test device DEX applications without disrupting operations or retailers



DEX BLE-DEX SDK is a software development kit for the DEX adaptor to communicate to the retailer/vendor over Bluetooth technology. 

  • No license required 

  • Simple Bluetooth integration

  • Free to download


DEX Toolkit Bundle 

DEX Toolkit Bundle contains the BLE-DEX SDK plus the communication protocol SDK. The DEX protocol SDK provides a simplified way to modify how data is communicated over the DEX protocol and DEX API without requiring in-depth knowledge of DEX protocol nuances. 

  • Speed up deployment, customize to your preferences, and reduce the risk of DEX communication issues

  • Less programming and DEX protocol knowledge required 

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